Daily Beast “14 Celebrities Tweets for Trayvon” Is Woefully Incomplete

Daily Beast “13 Most Inspiring Celebrities Tweets for Trayvon” Is Woefully Incomplete

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    The horror of the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin coupled with the injustice of shooter George Zimmerman remaining free is more than most can bear.This incredibly promising young man gunned down by a racist “vigilante” for “looking suspicious is something we can’t tolerate. Thankfully hundreds of folks have taken to social media to demand justice for Trayvon’s family.

    But our celebrities, the people we have elevated to fame for their talents & have  brought entertainment to our lives are a special category. They have large followings & great influence with their fan base giving them the ability to raise awareness & spread the message on a monumental scale.  They didn’t have to get involved but many more than 14 did and we owe a great debt of gratitude to those that so generously supported us in this cause, like we have done them

    So to set the record straight here is a list some of the most prolific supporters the Daily Beast’s Article left out:

    I know I am missing some people & we appreciate every single tweeter celebrity and non celebrity. But while no celebrity owes us anything, those that truly have our backs in times of need like this are due a special debt of gratitude for giving back. I make a conscious effort to spend my money for those celebrities that give back. I think we all should try to.  Thank you all for taking time out of your massive schedules to help  get Justice for Trayvon. Please follow, thank and support them, they deserve it!

    Editor’s note the “links” to the tweeter accts don’t work but they are the official acct names I don’t have time to go back now but please manually follow them anyway. Show ur support for those who support us back,pls!

  2. Please add any additional celebs supporting #JusticeforTrayvon in the comments section so we know who supports us. Thank you


One thought on “Daily Beast “14 Celebrities Tweets for Trayvon” Is Woefully Incomplete

  1. Add actor John Leguizamo @JohnLeguizamo for promoting justice for Trayvon on Twitter, but also signing and retweeting the petition link to his followers!

    Samuel L. Jackson made a powerful video condemning wanton gun violence!!

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