Trayvon Martin, Legal Privilege & Black & Poor Americans

 My heart is broken today. I can’t imagine how Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton are getting through this., although I am grateful they are able to stand their ground and fight for justice for their son. But why do they have to go through all of this just to get an arrest of the man that killed their son?

 The racism and social status aspects are no-brainiers. Having been a daughter of an attorney, working as a legal advocate and even being a defendant, I have literally seen people get away with attempted murder, aggravated assaults, etc with the right attorney or connections. I’ve seen slates wiped clean, charges dismissed and the the reverse. I have seen innocent people sit in jail up to 2 years waiting on trial to be found innocent. Go to any courtroom in the US and watch how cases where the defendant (usually free on bail) has an attorney are heard first, while those with public defenders in jail are heard last, if at all that day.

  I even enjoyed the protection myself. I never did anything violent or drug related, but because of my deceased father, I didn’t suffer repercussions. Now as an adult who was estranged from that parent many years, living  a much lower social economic status, I quickly learned due process didn’t apply to people in my position.

  But what tears me apart is now that the fact that Zimmerman’s father may be a judge or ex-judge, that John Oliver, Zimmerman’s token black defender maybe related to him by marriage and the prosecutor’s office is taking this to grand jury before arrest is blatant bending over backwards to protect Zimmernan’s rights. Right out in the open, not behind closed doors, not in hush and whispers but right in the face of every American, especially those innocent but sitting in jail on high bails that haven’t even been found guilty.

  How can this be happening. If they want to fake impartiality they could have at least arrested him and given him low ball bail, but they won’t even do that.

  Justice is not blind & this case just reeks of how the racism and classicism our judicial system functions on everyday. It’s sickening. 


2 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin, Legal Privilege & Black & Poor Americans

  1. I still want to know about the rumors about Zimmerman’s dad being a retired judge. I’ve not seen any confirmation of this. Also, what kind of relationship does his dad have with Sanford PD and the FL State Attorney’s Office, specifically Wolfinger. I hope the DOJ really digs deep into all these aspects of the case. Great article!

    1. Thanks Graham! By now I know you’ve seen his father’s shrouded interview. But the fact Zimmerman walks the streets really let’s us know that there are greater forces at work here than run of the mill investigation. Forcing Trayvon’s parent’s to campaign for just an arrest, is a disgrace our nations political system

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