If You Are Willing To Go To Sanford, FL 2 Peacefully Protest Until Zimmerman’s Arrest Pls Sign UP

  This is really simple folks. What happened to Trayvon Martin happens everyday to so degree, injustice due to racial profiling. In Trayvon’s case it is 1000x worse because not only do we have police officers able to to snuff out our lives and liberty, but now it’s ok for private citizens.

    It has morbidly united us to call for justice in many ways. Rallies, protests, tweets, blogs, etc surely are fueling the actions to achieve justice for Trayvon’s family. But before and since Trayvon, there have been similarly egregious injustices like Howard Morgan and Anna Brown.

  So even in the midst of a nationally recognized public slaughtering of young Trayvon Martin, while his murder roams free, they continue to handle Black people like we are trash.  Why?


Do you see any other race being repeatedly “accidentally” shot by police, having their children killed and having to raise national awareness to beg for an arrest on the regular? NO, the answer is no.  And that’s because ladies and gentlemen, they don’t want it from the Jewish community, they know the Jewish community will band together and shutdown wherever they are being persecuted. They don’t want it from Asians, they know their financial power will bring our economy to a halt.

  But Blacks, they know we will hoop and holla, many pundits will make their careers reporting this case, blogs will explode with popularity and everyone in their own way will feel self gratification.  But we are no threat to business as usually so there is no reason for society and the law to pay us any attention or fear abusing us as a people, because we aren’t going to bring anything to a halt.

  When you protest in your city, great, it gets attention coverage, furthers the cause. It also gives police overtime work, probably inadvertently brings some business to the area, everybody wins.

  But when we follow in the steps of Dr. King who held protest after protest in Selma, not just say everybody where you are, do you’re thing, but concentrated the people in that area did things start to change. Why?

  That many people in one place can not be ignored,  A couple of thousand, this day here and one day there can.

Is anyone willing to go sit-in peacefully in Sanford, Florida and show the country, we will not be moved until there is justice? If we did that successfully, there wouldn’t be more of the same because no town wants that. Police departments would fear mishandling cases knowing the full force of the African American community will show up when they do.

So are you willing to go to Sanford, FL, peacefully and stay until justice is done?  Or do we want keep getting outraged every couple of years.  Pls comment if you are willing to do so


11 thoughts on “If You Are Willing To Go To Sanford, FL 2 Peacefully Protest Until Zimmerman’s Arrest Pls Sign UP

  1. Excellent post. I will definitely share it. I can honestly say that if the April 10th Grand Jury date comes and goes with no formal charges against George Zimmerman, I would absolutely sit in Sandford until justice prevailed.

  2. I would love to go, but I really can’t. It’s not just a matter of lack of funds, it’s my disability. I take a dozen pills a day, I rely on a wheelchair when out for extended periods, I have to go to get monthly infusions that cost over $6,000.00 per treatment. If I could go, I’d be there and it truly upsets me that I can’t. It’s why I started the website. It’s the one thing that I CAN do. I’m sorry I can’t but please know I’m there in spirit everyday.

    1. Graham,
      Thank you for responding. You have done more than anyone I know to truly selfless advance this cause, so I don’t know why you would be upset. http://justicefortrayvonmartin.com is one of the only sites I’ve seen with no other agenda than to help organize and raise awareness. That’s not a condemnation of any other site, I just know, you answered the call from ur heart early on.
      Thank u for ur opinion, that’s all I’m looking for. I know everyone can’t attend, but just does anyone see this as a viable alternative is what I’m asking.

  3. I like it. You make a great argument. I am a single mother of three and would only be able to attend in spirit. Are you suggesting peaceful candle lit vigil sit ins?

    1. Thank you. Yes I am suggesting peaceful protest, not necessarily candle light, because the point would be to have so many people stay until Sanford couldn’t be productive around the clock.. That would make Sanford residents & more importantly businesses so unproductive, they will seek a speedy end to this investigation. The next city or police department would think twice before they attempted to treat a black victim in this way for fear of being shut down.

  4. Once I earn 2G for my problem at home plus airfare, I’m there. Until then I’ll show up here for peaceful protest.

    1. Thanks for responding. I am trying to see if we can get this funded, so people won’t have to pay. But it is highly unlikely I will be able to do so, esp if more people won’t step up and say they will go. But no I’d like to let it be free for everyone

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