All You Need to Know about ALEC

  I was going to start a a  New blog today, but then I was so entrenching in reading others blogs I ran out of time. But there’s no reason to improve on perfection. Everything you need to understand about ALEC, I’ll put it here and you just please really read each link.

You’ll feel very betrayed, if your an American citizen, enraged if you’re not wealthy and sick if your human.
ALEC basically is corporate sponsored funding of our public policy= corporations being allowed to spend so much money, your vote doesn’t even count and your issues don’t get to Congress if it isn’t in corporate interest.
That’s only a lil bit of exaggeration. They are not “thee_stupid” we are! It is a “back door” operation where companies, even competing companies donate under the umbrella called the ALEC task force. It is a lot of reading, but if you do it you won’t regret it! If you do, you will understand so much more of how the world works, and how much of it is an illusion. If after this you still want to vote Republican or don’t want to stop ALEC I can’t help you. We pay (by shopping in their stores & using their goods & services) for their ability to manipulate us like puppets. THAT IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION.
Here you go and let me know if I’ve lead you astray………

  • Who is ALEC  a tough, wordy read be we must start here.
  • How The 1% and ALEC Really View  Lighter but infuriating read MUST
  • How You Can Start Fighting ALEC Now – Here’s the easy part,  ready made tweets, you can easily RT with one click to tell the sponsors of ALEC NO MORE! You don’t have to read all that intro- if you did 1 and 2  you’ve heard it. Just scroll on down to the middle of the page. When you see company logos, start clicking and tweeting your heart out. PLEASE!

If anyone bothers to read this pls let me know and good luck!


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