The 2 Legal Systems of the United States One For Whites and Another For Minorities

I grew up sheltered from the realities of racial prejudice having two well-do-to professional parents.I went to private schools, traveled and was just as guilty of looking down on parts of the family trapped in poverty as many racists were. There seemed to be so much opportunity, after all my father was not only a Vietnam Vet, he had a degree in engineering and went on to become an attorney. My mother, his second wife raised in abject poverty became a teacher, then went on to get several more degrees. Not that my childhood was bed of roses, mind you, both were functional but severely mental ill. (another story for another day).

It wasn’t until I was mid-teens, when I was  snatched off the street in broad day light& assaulted that I realized how Black I was. Many people, including a police vehicle observed the kidnapping and did nothing. In fact, when I finally escaped, I was arrested for “indecent exposure”, throw in a local police jail cage. The officers both black & white, reveled in degrading me assuming I had been a prostitute that got ripped off and calling me names, “Effie”.

That was until Father Dearest showed up. Like night and day, I whisked into the room where they take victim statements, profusely apologized to, taken to the hospital, etc.. One of the assailants was picked up immediately and I was sent home to my suburb to await trial.

The details trial’s outcome aren’t germane now. The point is the US is still country with 2 sets of “justice” based on the color of your skin. Of course money and status help, but as in the example above race is the domineering factor.

Trayvon Martin’s murder has forced this issue into the spotlight. He did nothing wrong, yet he was gunned down because George Zimmerman in his programmed racist mind believed based on Martin’s skin color he  was likely up to no good. The police on the scene tried to let Zimmerman go on the sidewalk, because in their racists mind believed the same thing.

The police and Norton Bonaparte, Sanford city manager tried to claim the “Stand Your Ground” law prevented them from arresting Zimmerman, which is a total fabrication. Stand Your Ground doesn’t prevent arrests, it allows judges to dismiss charges pre-trial, it does not prohibit arrests. Marissa Alexander, a Black mother who only fired a warning shot into the ceiling of her own home, injuring no one while being threatened by her previously convicted abusive ex-husband was arrested immediately.  She has since been convicted as well, with the prosecutions main argument being she could have fled!

See how that works? Two undeniable standards of enforcing the same law.

And these are just some of the more horrific examples of racist application of the law. Black life and liberty are not on par with other races. Ebony Gaines, mother of 8 & an Afghan War veteran was killed by her fiance and her family was not even afforded a trial.

Black victims of rape, assault, theft or lesser but still devastating crimes are often not even taken seriously. There are stories I could tell, names I could name, but just like you usually tune walls of texts out. If any1 is interested please leave a comment below.

I hope you’ll take a moment to sign and pass along these petitions. (Zimmerman maybe arrested but he hasn’t been prosecuted yet)

Free Marissa Alexander



2 thoughts on “The 2 Legal Systems of the United States One For Whites and Another For Minorities

    1. Thank you Kevin for your kind words. You hit the nail on the head, how do we convince people or get them to care? Trayvon Martin will blow over, like Oscar Grant, but really I don’t even have faith in NAACP anymore. Thanks for replying

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