UPDATED: Graham Murphy/Sandy Dolan/ @GendrQueer whatever his name is has moved his smear site yet again.  http://twitterdicks.com/Psychos/PowellBlog/files/c6c9ce6f5e9e0501f4a8043c824470d8-4.html

If you read the page, it’s incoherent. He attributes things to me with other people’s name attached to them, but if you just read his commentary you’d believe I was head of an Anti LGBT Hate Group! I am just the latest of several women he attacks with total fabrications. But the real problem is he is a hacker who breaks into computers and destroys them.

This is a hard post for me to write. Generally when I was a disagree with someone online I stop following or block and move on. I have an offline life so it’s not that serious to me

However I am also passionate about certain causes, especially social justice, politics. criminal injustices and civil rights. So I devote my spare time to engaging with others working to that end.

Unfortunately I became involved with a tweeter, named Graham Murphy who endeared himself to me when the Trayvon Martin story broke.  He tweeted me saying “because my tweets moved him he was going to make a site in Trayvon’s honor” and asked me to assist him it. I was very touched and began emailing with him.

Immediately I was inundated with warning from other Tweeters who told me this man (at the time name azliberial) was a dangerous, psychotic transgender person with hacking skills. I was warned he had hacked several people’s computers, regularly posted hate sites against his “enemies” and went as far as tracking people down, trying to get them fired or their children taken away.   His avi at the time was  a graphic of sunshine , so I never asked him/her about their sexual orientation, since it had nothing to do with what we were doing.  I ignored, even defended him against his naysayers at the time because all I knew of was the great work he was doing with Trayvon Martin’s, ALEC & Anti-Rush Sites.

But when the warning kept coming with evidence I finally did inquire with Murph as to whether any of the accusations were true, (ie had he hacked people, made hate web sites, tracked down people calling their jobs trying to get them fired and calling children’s services to try to get people’s children taken away,etc) I even joked with him that if he was a real hacker  I could use his services because I had a wayward son I really was concerned about.

He responded, that all the people warning me were really 1 person “his stalker” & all accusations  but one about a reality star on Big Brother, Shelley Moore, were untrue. He admitted he had participated in a hate group about her, “after seeing the error of his ways” he wrote an apology and left it. He painted everyone else in the group as the real hackers and stalkers, etc. Since I don’t watch reality TV I didn’t care.

Then something strange happened. I began making friends with certain tweeters, & Graham would insist that I stop speaking with them, because they were his “stalker in disguise”.  Also he advertises as a website designer and I inquired about some site ideas I had. He told me he would do one for free, I insisted on paying him, but in the end, he came up with a story that he had been diagnosed w a brain tumor and couldn’t do it. I felt so bad, I told him don’t worry,   Two days later, he wrote back it turned out to only be a cyst and now he could do it.

I immediately recognized that as bs. You can’t be diagnosed 1st with a brain tumor then it magically turns into a cyst. But I didn’t confront him, just told him get better, I’d find another way. Soon after he was kicked off Twitter claiming it was “big businesses” that had pressured Twitter to kick him off, even though several others were tweeting against ALEC corps, somehow he was singled out!.Knew that was BS too, but didn’t say anything.  He came back as LGBTliberal & a bio that said he/she was the “T” in LGBT. Having deep respect for a person’s privacy I didn’t ask at first what that meant. The Trayvon site was gone, but I still helped him with the ALEC & STOPRUSH sites, because those were causes I believed in, even though the psychopath mask was becoming evident, I still didn’t think I had anything to fear  He said he didn’t want to be apart of the Trayvon Martin movement anymore because he had problems with the lawyers over his tribute site. I told him I was going forward with my plans to hold a meeting about all the cases, including Anna Brown, Marissa Alexander, etc. He told me it was a waste of time, he also continued to complain about me talking to his “enemies”.

Funny things started happening to my computer right before that meeting, and people I work with began accusing me of having let a hacker infiltrate our system. I brushed  it off, but was banished right before the meeting from using company software. My “Constructing an Org to Address  Racially Biased Killings and Prosecutions” had to be switched at the last minute to a new online meeting site. I sent out invitations & soon after cancellation invitation went out. I did this several times, then figured it must be the site. NOPE I HAD BEEN HACKED WITH A TROJAN/KEY-LOGGER  THAT WAS ACCESSING MY COMPUTER, DOING THIS.

I didn’t know that for sure until the next week when Graham Murphy, now furious with me over disagreeing with him about Cory Booker, befriending his enemies, etc,  Tweeted out a screenshot from a networked computer purporting to me my login and email address but was really a co-worker’s. He also infiltrated  emails belonging to me & others, deleting& posting things from different accts. We exchanged nasty emails, which of course he denied being the one, but he forgot he told me he had done this to his “stalker” already.

Once the computers were unnetworked and cleaned & he couldn’t access them anymore, he began to blog about me here , except some of the content included other people’s information and out right lies. I was going to ignore it, but it effects other people, plus since I didn’t exchange hard drives like my co workers, he has hacked me again!! He also started a group called “#Grahams Gang” on Twitter this weekend, encouraging people to unfollow me because I am anti_LGBT (apparently if you don’t like Graham, you hate all LGBT), with multiple accts all coming from his IP address, which were shut down within hours.

Are u ready to bang your head against a wall? I am! I have most emails/correspondence backed up on USB & was going to post them here to negate what’s on his phony “America hates bullies” site, but 1) I don’t feel like it, in fact I will be hospitalized this week, part of the reason I wanted to defend myself to some degree here, 2) Any1 who reads my twitter feed will know what he has on that site under Tess, (Theresa Powell) is fake or should know it. If anyone wants me to address a specific accusation just leave it in the comments and I’ll pull up the documentation.

The Number 1 lie he posted on “America hates Bullies” is that I spammed him with invites to the “Trayvon Constructing an Org….” Meeting. The reality is Graham Murphy was the person who hacked the acct cancelled the meetings, causing me to resend invites, then he turns around and says I was spamming. It looks real, but the only reason I kept rescheduling was because I didn’t know he was the one inside my computer doing the cancelling. This is what psychopaths do. Play innocent sweet victim, reel you in, then try to control u. If control fails, they can’t just walk away, they have to try to destroy you. Lie #2, He accuses me of knowing his gender. His bio said I’m the “T” in LGBT, I did not see the picture he lies was clearly posted on his site, because the Trayvon site didn’t have his pic on it. After we argued he sent me unsolicited pics of him as a white woman and a black man via email? How the hell am I suppose to figure out which side of the T he was on?

Now yesterday he was DEMHARD2012 & a bunch of other acct dubbed #grahams gang that got suspended. Who knows who he is today? Just be warned.

I will not be destroyed nor I will not keep it to myself.  I have worked professional as an advocate, I am in training to become a disability rights advocate, if ADA survives the election and truly despise being painted as anti-LGBT. When I get out of the hospital and get a new computer (Yes Graham, I know u still keylog this one) I will move forward with the Org aimed at Racially Motivated Killings & Prosecutions, supporting Obama 2012 and marriage equality as I always have.

For independent verification of Graham Murphy’s character and MO please visit :


It isn’t my site but I co sign and will help spread this message, because this guy is dangerous, you can’t disagree with him w/o incurring his wrath.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and except for specific questions I’m done with Graham Murphy and any of his trolls!

Now leave this garbage in the trash. Real work needs to be done!


Theresa Powell


10 thoughts on “Sex, Lies &Twitter Psycho’s Graham Murphy aka @GendrQueer

  1. Life’s lessons learned. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But all actions must be placed against the norms of the environment in which you are working.

    However, this guy obviously has found a vulnerability to exploit: those who are passionate about a cause. Our passions lead us to drop our normal radar against those who might take advantage of us. He is pretty smart and figured that out.

    Thank you for reminding me, and others, to research people you want to do business with. I have been burned on several occasions with people on Linked In and other sites. Caution is the watch word.

    1. Thanks Kevin, even this acct pw was hacked so couldn’t respond until today. Agree w everything in ur comment especially how easily our radar can drop under certain circumstances. Expensive lesson learned. Sorry you experienced the same, but ain’t it wonderful we came back stronger and wiser!

  2. Kevin, unfortunately you have failed to research Theresa. You say caution is the watch word, yet you failed to heed your own warning. You left comments using your name, jumping to conclusion without reading for yourself. I suggest you read @Thee_Stupid’s timeline from 5/21 to present. Look for the tweet in which Theresa calls Cory Booker “nig” and the following tweet from her asking why I unfollowed her and going on the attack, all because I said her choice of words was regrettable and sad. See inundated me with emails, joined forces with two women who have been stalking me for months and who are HUGE George Zimmerman advocates and RACISTS. Theresa doesn’t care, because I dared to criticize her ONE TIME on twitter. Until this post, which is full of lies is removed, this situation will escalate, likely to tragic ends. I tried to ignore her, tried to fight back, contacted the police, etc. Now it’s time to fight fire with fire. After all Kevin, what would YOU do if your reputation was being impugned online based on LIES? Seriously, what would you do? By taking sides in a situation you have failed to properly research, you may have put yourself in the middle of situation that ends in tragedy. Any suggestions on resolution?

      1. Graham has made a fatal error in his quest to control the conversation and situation to his benefit. Any scam, con or grift relies on the fact that in the absence of information, the victim will accept the information as fact form the perp.

        Just like a good attorney never asks a question he or she doesn’t know the answer too, a good con never starts a scam without knowing the connections. Graham assumes that because we are on opposite sides of the country and are apparently only connected by Twitter and Tumblr, that I would easily accept his error laden rhetoric about your intentions and integrity.

        Sorry Graham, there is more to the story than you know and a closer relationship that is not documented in social media. Plus, I’m not an amateur, I’ve been around the block a times. Tess has tipped hand in that she truly wants you to get help. My faith calls me to do the same. But I am not above a sharp elbow should we meet on the street.

  3. Is it that he is delusional? Or just a criminal mind? Either way he is just sick, sick, sick. And I notice more threats…tragic end? The only tragic end will be for you when you get you locked up (5150). Calling us names, Racist, Stalkers, is just such ignorance! Saying the vile and depraved things to Tess is quite frankly unbelievable! This shows you have no boundaries, and are absolutely devoid of any shred of decency. You have lost all control of yourself! The truth is that Surprise Police are investigating you..and you are just giving them more for their files! You hacked all of us, and yet you show absolutely no remorse and have the audacity to make up lies about us! You really need to be put away for a long time. I do not know if it’s because of the drugs you are taking or just a lack of control but you are mentally ill. You are the very sort of person everyone warns about…you are the person in the neighborhood that they find has dismembered people. You need help! I can see one day seeing you on the national news, having done some unspeakable thing. Your Dolan family who have already shunned you for your behavior will be further embarrassed. You have become a monster. Go get help!

  4. Oh, and have you not forgotten the lies you have posted about Tess on your site? And you complain when she exposes the truth? You are really unbelievable!

    1. Amy, he also hacked into schoo email. Be careful with this person. I could bend your ear for hours on end with his violent, sick past.

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