GendrQueer’s Misogynist Smear Blog Bloopers and Lies

Obsessed twitter, blogger Graham Murphy is still at writing an entire blog dedicated to little ole me. At first I was mad, because the accusations he was making were blatant untruths. Now it’s funny because if u read it you’ll find he can’t even get his lies straight. Here’s a list of his most outrageous, incoherent accusations to date

1) “The BLOG is dedicated to exposing the truth about Theresa Fowler, AKA: @THEE_STUPID

My name is Theresa Powell, not Fowler. this man is so deranged he can’t even keep his victims names straight.

2) Theresa Powell, AKA @Thee_Stupid on Twitter, claims that she needed to blog about someone because they won’t go away, but in the same tweet says they are now ”suspended.” How does someone fit so many lies in one tweet?

Ok this time getting my name right, but he accuses me of lying and uses a a screenshot of a suspended acct as “proof” I’m lying.The screenshot was of his suspended account and I did blog about “that person” Graham Murphy here? So where is the lie?

3) @Thee_Stupid: Zimmerman Supporter “She is even trying to start up an organization to fight racially motivated crimes. (She will never succeed in this endeavor because nobody wants to work with such an angry, bitter, unhinged person.)”

False, I am part of a large active community online  #TeamTrayvon as evidence by this 1 of many Trayvon Martin supporters: @thee_stupid Thanks for following and supporting ‪#TeamTrayvon @thee_stupid-1:19 PM – 26 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details, as well as local groups. The evidence Graham Murphy uses to make it appear I have abandoned my efforts for justice for Trayvon Martin are Photoshopped screenshots with statements I never made. If any of it were true he’d be able to publish the url of the tweet, he can’t becuz it doesn’t exist.

3)More LGBT Hate :Apparently hate knows no bounds with Theresa Powell, on Twitter known as @Thee_Stupid. She will tweet out seemingly supportive statements about the LGBT community, but hiding behind anonymous emails, she likes to send out what she deems as disgusting pictures and physical threats. I received a new folder in my DropBox account with more disgusting behavior by Stupid and after going to her timeline, I find that yet another blog entry is necessary.

This accusation is not only an outright lie, if you read the link, there isn’t any 1 statement from me.It’s just Graham Murphy accusing me of pretending to be other people, with not 1 iota of proof that I am.  It’s just a bunch of tweets from people Graham Murphy claims with no proof I associate with and a picture of man with breasts addressed from someone I don’t even know? He’s even given up trying to make it appear I am the person sending out this garbage.

And if you look at the other people he attacks, they are all women. This isn’t the work of a bullied transgender male, it’s the work of a misogynist who thinks he’s so smart, people can’t see through his sloppy photoshop work.

Update: While the accusations linkd have been apparently taken down, I still think there is merit to illustrating what cyberbullies do and this one in particular. For independent confirmation of this person’s activities visit:

A completely independent, but fully endorsed by me of what he is capable of.


6 thoughts on “GendrQueer’s Misogynist Smear Blog Bloopers and Lies

  1. Well, we now know it’s not funny. It’s sick and demented. I urge anyone and everyone who has come into contact with Graham and has had the unfortunate experience as Ms. Powell has had (and countless others)…please, document document document it all. I cannot urge this strongly enough!

      1. You’re welcome and thank you for honoring the things in which we have spoken. It’s a rare find. It is my hope that the mutual respect, trust and dare I say, frienship may flourish!

  2. I would be very, very careful here. My wife had a very, very bad/disturbing experience with this person at her job. I would get far away from him/her and not instigate his perceived hate. He hacked into her email at work and tried to make it look like she had done it. He made all type of accusations against her. He has anger management disease and is mentally imbalanced. This behavior is documented well and has been verified by medical and legal professionals. There are many examples documented in writing with people willing to file charges. BEWARE!

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