The abusive of underprivileged children in what was suppose to be their saving grace. Appallingly!

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Penn State was rocked last week when allegations came out that former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing little boys. These allegations cost Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and Penn State president Graham Spanier their jobs. Athletic director Tim Curley and Senior Vice-President for Finance and Business Gary Schultz were fired and both men were charged with perjury.

However this is not the real story.

Please let me explain.

A very good friend of mine Harry Chalmers, a graduate of Milton Hershey School turned me on to this story.

I never heard about this story until Harry emailed me last Thursday.

This story was not even reported by the national media.

The school is the Milton Hershey School.

In 2010 Charles Koons was convicted of child molestation. He was sentenced 35-100 years in jail.

Philadelphia Inquirer writer Bob Fernandez wrote this piece on May 10th 2010.


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