Why “Foundations” For Victims of Racially Motivated Crimes Make No Sense & We Stay Losing

I am so done watching all of these highly publicized racially profiled killings being commemorated and politicized with these damn useless foundations that do nothing to help prevent the next racially profiled murder or prosecution.

We have a Amadou Diallo Foundation, Abner Louima, Oscar Grant, and even an Emmett Till foundation & while it’s nice to pay homage to the memory of these innocent victims, wouldn’t it be nicer if any one of these organizations served as an actual response team for the next possible victim?

Contrast those with the Polly Klaas Foundation and Child Alert organization? The difference is not only that aren’t damn near bankrupt or but they are also not so short sighted as to have been founded without a plan to prevent the next victim. If every missing child doesn’t have to create their own foundation, to have a response team, legislation in place and a group focused on prevention through action, not just talk, but lobbying, etc, why does every racially profiled murder or prosecution have to split their resources amongst 100 different orgs that aren’t making much impact.

Wouldn’t it have been nice if the Oscar Grant Foundation was an assembled a team of attorney’s, lobbyists, community coordinators to respond to the killing of Trayvon Martin, instead it taking the black community over a month to protest, petition and wring our hands over this injustice to get an arrest? It’s really nice that the Sean Bell org runs a community center for children and his memory will live on in that way, but what would have been nicer would have been something to prevent the next innocent but “suspicious looking/acting” minority from being slaughtered. And now someone is  advising the Martin Family solicit donations for an org to “use resources and tools to bring social awareness to similar cases” & the “the funds are to support awareness of civil rights, social justice,and the quality of life for youth who are in racial, religious, cultural or other minority groups considered to be different from the “mainstream”.Who is that target audience unaware that the civil rights, social justice  of those out of the mainstream are being violated? Is really that there are folks that don’t know this, or is it that those groups are so marginalized because they don’t have any financial power or political support system in place?

Apparently better minds than me, know what to do about the historical phenomenon, because you will see many of our current black leaders prominently featured as donors on that site, ominously missing from Justice for Marissa Alexander effort. Obviously it must be more important to “spread awareness” than to actually help a victim of being in this case racially prosecuted.

Don’t make no damn sense!! Really, that’s why we stay losing.


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