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The Stupid of the Week July 30- Aug 3,2012

Some things that are just so crystal clear, it’s damn near impossible to misinterpret them. Then there are other events not specifically spelled out for us, but the facts or probability of those facts are so overwhelming that as humans we can easily infer what’s going on.

For example, if  we watch a person jump in front of a moving train and then observe their body demolished, we know they were killed by a train wreck. Even if we don’t witness that event but stumble upon a freshly demolished body on the train tracks and hear a departing train, we can safely assume that person didn’t die from a hunting accident. Commonsense right?

Evidently not. There’ll be idiots arguing maybe the person had a heat attack before the train hit, or invisible aliens threw that person into the oncoming train’s path, so despite the logical explanation, there’s another reason. These folks are stupid. Why? Going any further with this analogy would be stupid on my part, but the reason it matters, is because this same illogical pattern of thinking is becoming so prevalent in society, many serious issues are being decided & based on this type of thinking. Issues not just affecting the attitude or reality of the idiot or the self interested brain washer thinking them, but everyone around them.

1) CAAP’s “Mandate for Marriage” campaign aka Black Preacher’s calling for a boycott of support of President Obama unless he “retracts support for gay marriage”. Literally the pot calling the kettle black. This organization lead by Pastor William Owens, Sr., a veteran of the civil rights movement of the 1960s wants blacks to not vote for President Obama because he supports the giving equal rights to homosexuals. In his words-

“The President is in the White House because of the Civil Rights movement, and I was a leader in that movement. And I didn’t march one inch, one foot, one yard for a man to marry a man and a woman to marry a woman. So the president has forgotten the price that was paid, where people died, where they suffered, where they gave their blood to have equal rights in the United States.”

Obviously it was Pastor Owens & every other person that fought in the Civil Rights Movement that lead to President Obama’s election being possible. But that doesn’t equal our 1st African American President should therefore not endorse equal rights for another group because that wasn’t your intended purpose? Is Pastor Owens implying, had he known that a black president would endorse equal rights for another disenfranchised group, he’d rather have stayed in the Jim Crow era? I’m sure if we asked for clarification, he’d say some ish about the Bible & not choosing to be black, etc, ad nauseum, but what difference does that make?

For argument’s sake let’s say being homosexual is a choice and the Bible is clear that it is an abomination in the eyes of God. If two consenting adults want to make that choice, who the hell is he to tell them they aren’t entitled to the same rights as the people who choose to be heterosexual? The Bible isn’t our constitution and it isn’t hurting anyone else so what if a family wants to make a choice different from yours.

Bigotry is bigotry and your either for it or against it. You simply can’t call yourself a civil rights leader, then pick which civil rights you want to support, Clearly this man is a black rights leader, because that’s all he’s willing to “take a step for”. Fine, Thank you very much in fact, I happen to be a beneficiary of the Civil Rights movement as an African American woman, so admit your solely African American Rights leader and stop pretending your a civil rights leader, because clearly you can’t see past your own skin color or your daily battle to stay heterosexual. Better still, call yourself a retired rights leader of any kind, because if you were so concerned about the superiority of black civil rights there’s some way more serious stupid ish going on you could be rallying for like:

2) The Jonesboro Police Murder of Chavis Carter– Another high profile racially motivated MURDER, a phenomenon which has been an ongoing problem for young African American men steadily before and after that Civil Rights movement, you claim to be have so entrenched in Rev. Owens. Where is your speech, your mobilization and boycott efforts toward this national disgrace? Wouldn’t a true Black civil rights leader be more vested right now in protecting the rights of young black men who are murdered at astronomical rates “accidentally” more than any other race, than who someone else wants to marry and share their benefits with?

My deepest condolences to the family of Mr.Carter, may he rest in peace.

And may a real Black Civil Rights leader come along soon again, because the disorganized outcry from the Black community is doing nothing to stop these situations from happening right now or the one that will happen statistically in the next few months. The mere fact that when a young innocent black man’s mysterious killing has to involve investigation by the FBI before an arrest is made at a time when there’s more well funded African American Rights groups than ever in history is beyond stupid.

Which scenario does Rev Owens think Dr. King or Malcolm is rolling in their graves over right now, gay marriage or the institutionalized mindset that is killing young black men at the rate of no other race in this country? Black Civil Rights leader my ass!

3) Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s refusal to reveal more than 2 yrs of tax returns or his actual tax reform plan, while running on the platform that reducing taxes for the wealthiest Americans aka “job creators” will stimulate the economy.

Rev. Owens, you do realize your call for a boycott of support for President Obama, is tacit endorsement of Romney, right? Does the Pastor really feel that the “damage” that might come from homosexuals being granted equal rights is as harmful as the damage to his beloved straight post Civil Rights movement African Americans will suffer under a Romney presidency?

Romney is LITERALLY RUNNING ON THE IDEA THAT THE BUSH ERA TAX RATES WILL STIMULATE THE ECONOMY AND BRING THE NATION OUT OF THE ECONOMIC DEPRESSION IT IS CURRENTLY IN. The Bush Era taxes dramatically reduced the amount of taxes the wealthiest Americans & corporations had to pay and when exactly did that stimulate the economy? NEVER! In fact, the tax cuts & deregulation brought about the current economic depression President Obama is working this country out of.

Whether you support President Obama’s approach to the economy or not, it is super fantastically stupid, that you could envision the same trickle down theory that lead to the recession and economic crash of 2008, being the solution.

But if you do still some how think that cutting the revenue via tax cuts to the wealthiest was the right thing to do for the nation, then all Romney needs to do is show his own contribution from his own tax returns, how much he personally was able to pump into the economy? I mean then game over right? What better example of that theory than Romney’s own “Bush era economy stimulating”  tax returns?
Yet even though there be no better iron clad way of proving Romney’s tax plan was an economy booster, than showing his prior tax returns, Romney refuses to prove it that way. He wants us to vote him in first. STUPID!!