Dear Mr. President, Where Were You During The First Debate?

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I am a staunch advocate and volunteer for your campaign, of course you have my vote.

But last night was not about appealing to your core base. We already know you have grown the economy, kept your promises about the war, repealed don’t ask, don’t tell and made a fool of President Bush by finding & killing Bin Laden in the country of our supposed “ally” Pakistan, without risking the thousands of lives, as President Bush did. We know you support the civil rights of every American and will work hard to protect women’s rights on healthcare & fair pay.

However what folks don’t know for fact, is how horrible a Romney Presidency will truly be.

Mr. Romney spent 18 months spewing his disdain for the middle/lower classes of the country AND making no apology promises to “cut taxes across the board”. He drummed into the heads of many naive folks the only way to improve the economy is lowering taxes for the “job creators”, when enlightened folks know only supply & demand creates jobs. He’s torn the electorate apart,  convincing the less enlightened “hard-working” core of Americans they are being forced to support the lazy 47%, without ever truly explaining who that 47% includes (ie retirees, the disabled,  Low income workers, etc).

How could you not have used the opportunity of the debate to defend & define that segment of the population! We’ve endured those insults & made to feel less than contributing citizens by the Romney & Ryan videos & rhetoric for months, even though we do in fact pay taxes & contribute. Without us, folks like Romney couldn’t remain 1%’ers. We shop ,buying the “job creators” goods & services, we fly/drive supplying the customer base for big oil, etc. How could you not point out, that without that 47% the American Dream would die, because there would be no way for the economy to survive if we 47%er’s weren’t help power it everyday!

How could you not point out, especially when Romney threw the opportunity in your lap when he said he will cut “any program he feels is not worth borrowing money from China for”,  how miserable & dangerous the country will be? If there are no safety net, regulations, and government involvement in education & healthcare, people will be suffering & just that 47%.

If he cuts teachers/Department of Education or makes teaching an unattractive profession by advocating for “merit pay”/no tenure, who will go into that field & what will happen to our children’s grade school & hopes for higher education? Where will the 1% get their skilled workers from or is that the plan to have poorly educated students that will be forever nothing more than consumers? If he cuts benefits for the disabled/Social Security Administration, how will they afford housing. medication, training programs and protection from discrimination, even though the majority of disabled people have paid into that system while working? He’s said he will eliminate HUD, you couldn’t explain many will be out on the streets (incl veterans) & what quality of life will be even for 1% if America is lined with increased homelessness? What comes with an increase in homelessness  -high crime, sickness, higher mortality rates, on and on.

If Romney turns back functions of the federal government the states, as he’s campaigned, how can we protect the rights of women, children & minorities without federal oversight? If you’re in a red state no healthcare for you, if you’re in a blue state, maybe you’ll get it?

Who knows exactly what that psychopath wants to cut, and you couldn’t ask him once for specifics? You couldn’t have illustrated the impact of a cuts of a Romney presidency? You couldn’t point out how unreliable anything Romney said he’d do, based on the degrading 47% tapes he stands by?

I hear you were prepped to be non combative, keep your low key approach for fear of being labeled “The Angry Black Man”.  But the fact that Romney is going to gut a large portion of programs for our most vulnerable should make you angry. Anyone that interprets your disdain for Romney’s lies as a stereotype isn’t voting for you anyway. You’ll never get the racist vote.

The only vote left for is decent hard-working undecided Americans, not necessarily paying attention on a daily basis to ads & pundits, but care about our country on all fronts. The domestic economy is your strong point, this was your debate! Families have felt the relief of keeping their kids insured, rebate checks, the death of Bin Laden, etc. But if some slick talking slimeball promises more money in their pockets, without outlining the true human cost, they might fall for it.

Although Romney’s word isn’t worth the oxygen he expends on it,  you can’t depend on folks seeing through the lies.  Imma need you to step up your game, Mr. President, you can only kill Bin Laden once!


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