Could allso be titled how sociopaths fool folks not paying attn! Excellent post!


Yesterday, I posted about Romney’s cheating during the presidential debate.  I had taken a number of screen shots from this video.  Sometimes when you think you have a good post, real life gets in the way, and you end up rushing something and not doing it justice. I feel that way about yesterday’s post. So, here I am, having woken at 5.30am. I am determined to do justice to the Romney family’s reaction to Mitt and his retrieval of his notes. I may repeat some screen shots, but bear with me, because in my opinion, their reaction shows just how worried they were about Mitt trying to stuff those papers into his pockets.

When the debate is over, The Romney family are all smiles. Mitt has done well and they know it. Pay attention to the DIL (in the striped dress). She is the giveaway.

Everyone is delighted!


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