Take Action Now! A Practical Guide to Ensure Boehner’s Obstructionist Tactics don’t deny the electorate their rights. Let’s get something done in Congress this time folks!

LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar - OH!

– House of Rep Twitter and Phone contact list –

For God and Country – PLEASE use it, post it often! 

If I am correct, we only have 16 days left in this session to do anything! 

After the election I found this quote which was meant obviously for Democrats. “Do not blame George Bush for what’s coming next or four years from now when you no longer recognize this great nation.”
You and I know that while the above is true, the tsunami to hit this country is much nearer than four years from now. Mid term elections in two years will be too late because the Speaker of the House less than one week after elections is already caving to Obama’s will.
The conservative fight is far from over! We MUST work on getting John Boehner removed from his cave-in seat. In the meantime, he…

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