What should I, if I should make an e-book about?

Greetings to all my followers and readers! I wanted to post and get your opinions on what maybe I should write about in an e-book. I’ve had a very skewered interesting life, one that has gone literally from “sugar to shit”, as the saying goes.

I was a child of a sociopath and a narcissist, I experienced sexual abuse at early age, I have been privy to some of the inner politics of certain professions, just to name a few instances.

I flatter myself to think I have knowledge of things some others don’t, which probably isn’t true. But every time I tell I story to a confidant, I am frequently met with the response, “You really should write a book about that.”

Being a fiercely private person with no pride in the lows or even the “highs” I’ve experienced, I’ve always shrugged the notion off. I really don’t think I’ve experienced things others haven’t or that are extraordinary. And there is little I really want to expose about myself, as I have felt I had to do somethings against my own beliefs just to get by.

So I am soliciting from subscribers or new readers what they might find interesting enough to make an e-book about. I am currently disabled and even though I believed one day I would overcome my limitations and become my old society contributing self again, in 4 years it hasn’t happened. I haven’t given up but it’s time for me to search for income wherever I can get it. And I believe my stories can contribute to society.

So I ask you readers, what would make the most interesting e-book you might actually buy based on the stories I have to tell. Thank you in advance for your input and taking the time to read this.


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