Featuring Guest Blogger Winston Walker

From the moment I first heard George Zimmerman’s Non-Emergency Number call, I knew that he had done something horrible to that child. The chilling 911 tapes only confirmed my initial thoughts. After that nothing short of an evil twin scenario could’ve convinced me that Zimmerman deserved anything less than prison. Even with all of this settled in my mind, however, to date the killer’s motives have largely escaped me.

Trayvon was a beautiful kid who had his whole life ahead of him. He reminded me of the kids I used to see in my neighborhood actually. Every summer you could see those boys playing basketball, laughing with friends, taking the bus, or…buying snacks at the local convenience store. So what could’ve possessed Zimmerman to follow this young man and kill him? This has been alternately bothering and confusing me since the beginning.

I’ve seen a…

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