Dr. Ben Carson is “Clarence Thomas crazy” on Marriage Eqaulity


I’m not going to expound on this long, because I’m sure better mind than me have dissected and commented on Dr. Carson‘s behavior. The hypocrisy of his stance on gay marriage is inconceivable. Even his attempt to explain away the “misspoken comparison of gay marriage with pedophile, is an embarrassing tap dance of mental minstrality

However, it is heart wrenching to see these direct recipients of civil rights legislation denouncing the rights of another oppressed group. It’s one thing when you’re several generous removed from the civil rights era and maybe don’t know how close you came to being institutionally prohibited from your goals. I’m sure Dr.Carson’s grandfather, like my great-grandfather, wouldn’t had the resources to an acquire a doctor’s education, because of the legal institutionalized racism that existed. There was no affirmative action, no grants, nor student loans or even acceptance into the best medical institution for him.

Had the US constitution not changed the definition of an African American from “3/5” of a human being, abolished “separate, but equal”, instituted integration & all the hard fought legislation of the civil rights movement, he wouldn’t be Dr. Ben Carson, nor possibly allowed to even mop the floors at John Hopkins.

So when another group of disenfranchised people are fighting for their civil rights, equality, it nothing short of insanity for Dr. Carson to hold the position that changing “sacred, age old beliefs” is unthinkable. Unless of course Dr.Carson himself desires to go back to the original constitutional definition of his place in society.

It’s ridiculous for anyone, but it is especially disappointing coming from a highly educated, accomplished, celebrated direct recipient of civil rights legislation. He, more than most folks, should understand the devastation discrimination can cause. I don’t know him, but as a African American with many intelligent ancestors that couldn’t live up to their full potential because of discriminatory laws, I know he too knows many people that suffered that same fate.

There were many factions in the US that once considered “negros” a subhuman, inferior species of man. Some scholars even argued Bible verses concerning the curse of Ham back that claim up. According to Dr. Carson’s logic, since the Bible defined marriage as between a man and woman & shouldn’t be changed, he should immediately renounce his entire career and take his Biblically stated place in society, I don’t know, maybe swinging from tree or picking cotton. Disgraceful.

You can hold whatever position you want on gay marriage, but be consistent in your rationale, Of course he’s entitled to his beliefs, just like members of the Aryan Nation. With Ben Carson’s status & influential position comes along with a responsibility to make his public sentiments responsible ones. Comparing adult consensual behavior to illegal child abuse and trumpeting your personal religious beliefs as suitable consideration for a civil rights issue is inexcusably baffling. Dr Carson. You are the perfect, unacceptable, example of brilliance and madness co-existing in the same mind. Shame on you.


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