Shaniya Davis: The Girl’s Aunt Brenda Dated Mario McNeill Three Months Before The Murder

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Now, this is interesting, only because it shows what Mario McNeill’s attorneys are up to.  I think that it was mentioned before during the first few days of Shaniya’s disappearance and murder  that there was a family connection to McNeill, that either Antoinette Davis herself or her sister Brenda Davis had slept with him.   After their break-up, Brenda, now 23, became pregnant by the brother of the then-girlfriend of Mario McNeill, April Autry.   Now it’s coming up again, and it brings up a hitherto undiscussed (at least publicly) aspect of the case.  What if it had been Brenda Davis who pimped and sold off her niece to Mario McNeill?  We’ll soon find out; the ABC affiliate in Fayetteville tells the story.

Through court documents, ABC11 learned that McNeill may have known Shaniya’s family long before her murder. Defense attorneys have requested a physical examination of the child’s…

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