#UnitedBlue, the Soap Opera -UPDATED

I’m a proud member of #UnitedBlue on Twitter. Why? Honestly, my only reason is because I saw a lot of my fellow highly respected progressive members sporting the twibbon and I decided, “Hey this seems like a good way to find like minded individuals”.

I don’t know any of the history, founders or controversy surrounding it. I’ve heard rumors that it constitutes some money making scheme or a way to gather a list of “radical” liberals, but I don’t care. If it helps me find some like minded soldiers & doesn’t cost me a dime, so what?

But last night it came to my attention, #UnitedBlue has turned into full blown theater of absurdity, with a cast of characters which could rival any reality show. Who could have imagined liberals, supposedly caring folks who think about the greater good would be so easily divided by a damn twibbon?    First thing I noticed was this ridiculous video, produced by twitter @catsrimportant, Is #UniteBlue really connecting the left? A case study. It purports to show members of #UnitedBlue as bullies, except if you watch it carefully you’ll notice it doesn’t show any of the information that provoked the person’s use foul language at the anti UnitedBlue bashers or the harassment that was endured for months before they finally pushed back. That’s by design. “Cats” doesn’t allow any comments or reviews of that video because she knows if she did the truth would come out about her malicious, deceptive editing.

On the flip side, someone who purports to represent #UnitedBlue & intends to “sue” twitters who have “defamed” the organization has created a list, Karma is coming.  I know personally aside from @TrinaCuppett, a lot of those listed are just people that asked questioned about the organization. What kind of BS is this? Anyone with half a brain knows free speech would permits people to make any statement of opinion they choose.

While the list also alludes to some murky defaming accusations of conspiracies dubbed “Pedo Hunt and the Tango Down” (which without context I find hilarious BTW), this all reeks unnecessary drama, I suspect might be the work of a RWNJ trying to divide the progressive community.

Sad thing it’s working to some extent. In many ways, mostly as entertainment when you realize the characters involved are mostly drama queens seeking attention. ( Folks have been labels members like “the cauldron of “something or nother” I don’t have time to look up the phrase, “doxing” and soxing each other, which I don’t even know what that means.   But it is also causing many liberals to follow and unfollow fellow each other. It’s causing suspicion and distrust amongst the progressive community and it really needs to stop.

It’s RWNJ wet dream.

I’m a member of #UnitedBlue because I despite the infighting, at it’s core it appears to stand for uniting liberals. I continue to be one because at my core, I refuse to be bullied by anyone who doesn’t present solid facts.

And their biggest detractors, that claim to be liberals like @expatina & @trinacuppett do nothing more than print & obsessively tweet innuedo and speculation about what they THINK #UnitedBlue MIGHT actually be. While there’s nothing wrong with that in itself, it the obssessive, cloaked manner in which they do so that makes them as questionable as the the organization  they decry. The blog @expatina promotes (and probably publishes) Unite This is a snoozefest of repetitive garble of how horrible UB is with a ratio somewhere around 75% opinion and 25% fact. It’s even replete with a guide on “How to Break Up Wit United Blue”. But the worse part is while it names & tries smear UB members & supporters, IT NEVER ANYWHERE SAYS WHO THEY, THE ACTUAL AUTHORS  ARE. They simply “bill” themselves as a “group of concerned progressives”- the hypocrisy is staggering.

To top that off, the blog which like giving out everyone’s name but their own, doesn’t even allow anyone to leave feedback comments, much like @catrimportant ‘s UB movie, mentioned about. What possible reason could these women have to fear feedback if their arguments were so solid? & of  course one of the founding detractors @Trinacuppett smear twitter account is now protected, so now her minions just tweet out her venom.

This group of harpies that like to dub UB defenders and members “the cauldron of stupid” seem to oblvious to the “cauldron of hypocrites” they are. If United Blue is this evil organization with  hard evidence of nefarious intentions, these critics should be able to answer question and have their works stand up to scrutiny. The way the operate now proves they know their just smear mongers.

Has UB made some mistakes in the past? Yes. Have they admitted those mistakes or questionable practices? From my what I’ve read, in my opinion mostly, but I suggest everyone research valid sources for yourself.  Is the value of uniting liberals on a large scale more important than the petty, speculative critisism hurled at them by this group of snark withces? Definitely.


2 thoughts on “#UnitedBlue, the Soap Opera -UPDATED

  1. I use the Unite Blue twibbon, I saw it as a way to spread your message better. I follow UB members, and many follow me back, & strangely I don’t feel like I’m under some sort of mind control. I believe what I believe, I tweet what I tweet, & I’m not deterred by ANYONE no matter WHAT twibbon they use, UB or other. I think it’s much ado about nothing. If there IS something else going on, I’m not aware of it, & really don’t pay much attention to it, I guess. No matter the twibbon, I know when I’m being hustled. I have a mind of my own & UB doesn’t control or influence me.

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