Response To Trina Cuppett Twitlonger Post



I was going to begin this with links and a discussion of real laws, not Twitter Court rumors of law. On further consideration I realized that’s not my job. If perpetrators want to believe they can wish away laws, then let them.

This post includes the original post by Cuppett and ends with Cuppett’s addendum of alleged “trolls” she and her friends would like you to believe are worthy targets for stalking, bullying, harassing and defaming.

Cuppett’s comments are in quotes and italics.

#UniteBlue Trolls, trolls and more trolls… Keyboard Ninja-@TrinaCuppett 19th May 2013 from TwitLonger  

“First we asked questions about #UniteBlue because we had concerns since their only history or references are from Republican candidates.
Our questions were answered with rhetoric, silence and the scrubbing of their webpages. We used their own webpages showing they represented people like Buddy Roemer and built a widget for Dick Morris.

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