Why We Must Form A Mass Consolidated Boycott For Trayvon Martin

The unjust verdict that freed killer George Zimmeran last week is almost unbelievable.

I say almost because with a $400,000 defense team most folks would stand a good chance of getting off. That money was raised through donations from one website put up & promoted  by his attorneys so his supporters could send their donations to one place.

In the aftermath, Martin supporters have done an excellent job of protesting, petitioning and campaigning calls for justice. Very effectively, almost to the point where the DOJ may reopen their investigation & possibly try Zimmerman on civil rights violations

But there’s a big problem in the black community when it comes to consolidating our efforts to seek justice. Random national protests, especially these do a lot to create awareness & force the government to action. But unless these efforts are consolidated where there’s a huge number of people under one organization, these protests will eventually become little more than be a nuisance to local police departments & the country at large.

The only thing this country really responds to is threats to the economy or corporations losing dollars. If all the organizations around the country joined together to protest by boycotting businesses in Florida the response would be astronomical.
BUT and this is a big but, it will have to be 100’s of millions Martin supporters, vowed to boycott Florida based corporations & products, other corps that do business with Florida & celebrities that performed there. Then their economy would tank & we’d see legislators take action.  If only a couple thousand supporters tweet boycott Florida, join Facebook groups and apply no pressure, these billion dollar corporations can easily absorb small losses & ignore it.

History confirms this. Look at the results of the aftermath of the deaths of Amaduo Diallo, Sean Bell and Oscar Grant. All had large protests, outcries for justice and memorial organizations created in their honor. Aside from the Bell memorial org, that runs a children center, the rest are bankrupt and have no impact on lobbying for laws to prevent racially profiled deaths. You can verify all of this at Find the Best which tracks all non profits.

Don’t we want the results to be different this time? Don’t we want real change and an end to racially profiled killings? Or do we just want to be reactionary every time one high-profile case happens?

If you want change, I would encourage everyone interested in seeking justice for the Martin Family & an end to racially profiled deaths to encourage their individual organizations to become consolidated in their efforts. This way the numbers will be in the millions & effective at getting something systematically done. 500 different organizations all trying to accomplish the same goal won’t have that of impact. The civil rights movement taught us that much.

All the Facebook book groups should unite, Tweeters should meet & plan campaigns similar to the #StopRush movement, which was wildly successful getting sponsors to drop Limbaugh’s show. Local offline groups should join a centralized movement & act in concert. Really the NAACP should be spearheading this effort, but if you’ve noticed over the past 20 years they don’t get involved until relatives have begged, churches have already formed local coalitions or a case is over (see what they haven’t done for Marissa Alexander & 100’s of others).

I’m begging the leaders that have the ear of the country to form an organization specifically for this cause, so that all groups & individuals can join to make real change this time. We can protest only so long in decentralized groups & make a temporary impact until the next racially profiled death get’s attention.
Or we can take a page from groups like #StopRush, PollyKlass Foundation or hell even Zimmeran’s attorney’s that consolidated their efforts & dollars to free him.

Let’s get it right this time.

PS Kudos to Stevie Wonder for taking a stand. Please encourage all African-American & justice supporters to do the same thing. No, African-American would have the rights they do today if our predecessors didn’t fight & die for them. Don’t be an ungrateful beneficiary.

Don’t live or plan to travel to Florida? Here’s a list of Florida based corporations so you can still tweet them & boycott them,

Florida Based Companies     Some you won’t recognize like Darden’s but they own Red Lobster & Olive   Garden, so click on them to see what business they run.

Also after I originally wrote this, Jesse Jackson has come forward to ask for national boycott.


20 thoughts on “Why We Must Form A Mass Consolidated Boycott For Trayvon Martin

  1. Thank you for visiting and replying. At the end of the article there’s a list of Florida based companies that operate all over the US. Here’s the link again http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Florida_companies
    You probably won’t recognize the name of many but if you click on the links you’ll see business you’re familiar with. Like Darden Restaurants, they own Red Lobster & Olive Garden.
    I have sons too, so I know how you feel. If you use twitter tweet the companies, facebook join the groups and boycotting hits the hardest. I’ll email u ASAP. We need justice for Trayvon and all our black young men now! Thanks for getting involved!

  2. Hi,

    My name is Janet and I actually live in Florida. I am participating in the boycott locally. Please feel free to post information on my page:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Political-Tea/492287117507057. I’m willing to help spred the word about this boycott. The page was created in order to inform my community about various issues and topics which affect the community. Thanks and I wish you the best! My email address is politicaltea@outlook.com.

    1. Thanks for commenting Janet. Congrats to you for doing the right thing. Too many folks just don’t get it. I just got a tweet from comedienne Sommore she can’t boycott because she lives and loves Fl.She & many others don’t understand that if it weren’t for the boycotters of Birmingham, they wouldn’t be living and loving much more than a Jim Crow era existence. Thank you so much and will be in contact soon!!

  3. Thank you so much for this cogent and well-thought post. Please join with us at
    Boycott Florida (http://www.facebook.com/boycottflorida) where we are consolidating our efforts with like-minded allies and making targeted and strategic steps to pressure Florida corporations to denounce Stand Your Ground and use their power, money and influence to pressure their local lawmakers to repeal the unjust law.

  4. I have been supporting the Justice for Trayvon movement on my Facebook: http://facebook.com/anjelica.ajai and Twitter: http://twitter.com/anjelicaajai I have also posted links to sign the NAACP petition: https://donate.naacp.org/page/s/doj-civil-rights-petition?source=GZnotguiltyshareFB&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=GZnotguiltyshareFB&utm_content=share I am also asking everyone who signs this petition, in their personal note, to urge the Department of Justice to force George Zimmerman to take a polygraph test to prove that he committed a racial hate crime in murdering an unarmed African-American boy. This concrete evidence may enable federal prosecutors to charge and convict Zimmerman of a racial hate crime by proving that race was Zimmerman’s motivation in following, confronting and killing Trayvon. We want justice for Trayvon Martin and we want to help prevent another tragedy like this from happening again.

    Thank you for reading this.

    1. Thank you for commenting.
      Unfortunately Angela Lie Detector tests are not admissible in court. Even if they were it would be have to be volunatary, every defendant has the right to not incriminate themselves. So don’t waste time with that.
      I hope the DOJ is able to prosecute Zimmerman for a hate crime, but it is very unlikely because their first investigation found no profiling. It would take a miracle. The investigation is already underway. no matter how many more people sign it.
      But keep up your efforts and let’ hope for a miracle. It would take new evidence that FBI didn’t find the first time around for another prosecution. Let’s pray for one.

  5. It’s certainly a shame that you wanted to convict a man before any evidence was ever heard, other than that which had been made up or modified by our national news agencies to do nothing other than inflame racial tensions. Once the evidence was heard, then you chose to simply ignore it in hopes of furthering your own agenda.

    1. That certainly would be a shame if it were true. But that’s a lie It’s a shame You would still believe the word of liar, wanna be coward that killed an unarmed boy doing nothing. If Zimmerman was truly just trying to keep his neighborhood safe, why didn’t he approach Trayvon & offer him a ride home in the rain? Wouldn’t that have been a better way to find out if Trayvon was a burglar, than to stalk & shoot him? Have you heard that the jury pool was tainted, not sequestered & the verdict wasn’t agreed on by all? Looks like you’re the one ignoring the facts. The trial was a sham.

  6. The evidence presented proved #zimmerman guilty. 4-of-5 witnesses saw him on TOP of #Trayvon. All of the NEN & 911 calls and GZ’s own stmt to police proved this stranger profiled, stalked, chased a frightened kid in the dark. TM RAN, & after he thought he’d lost him GZ appeared out of darkness right behind him (per DD), accosted TM with a loaded gun, shot & killed the kid; self-inflicted scrapes (since no GZ DNA was under TM’s nails, on hands or sleeves). EVIDENCE george murdered Trayvon in cold blood bc as he said “they always get away”. So what evidence are you referring to besides the words of a proven liar GZ ‘s version of what happened.

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