If Your Tweeting #BoycottFlorida, But Not Willing To Organize, Your Tweeting To Yourself

    In light of the horrific tragedies of Trayvon Martin’s, Jordan Davis’s  & Israel Hernandez‘s murders in Florida within the past year, one would thing this alone would be enough to spark outrage & protest.  Add to that, police shooting 15 times at unarmed 60yr old Roy Middleton in Escambia County, Florida, which the sheriff’s department claimed was “standard procedure”, it’s hard to understand why anyone with critical thinking skills would think it is not time to take action against this state hell bent on racially profiling & massacring minorities.

  One of the best proposed ideas is a boycott of Florida products & services, hitting the large corporations that fund campaigns for crooked legislators like Gov. Rick Scott & Prosecutor Angela Corey. It is not targeting small business which will continue to have intrastate revenue.

  But the only way this can be effective is if HUGE group of people are involved. The only way to get large numbers would be to organize the effort, just like every successful boycott since the beginning of time. For some reason, many people who are in support of the boycott effort are reluctant to organize?

Why? I see folks spending an entire day tweeting #BoycottFlorida, but when you ask them to become part of an organized campaign they aren’t willing to? So what is there point? History has proven the ways boycotts become successful:  through organizing, recruitment & other strategies.

  One great example was the #StopRush movement  which got over 50 sponsors to drop advertising from the Limbaugh show, primary through it’s well orchestrated & organized  Twitter campaign. That group didn’t just rely on people to tweet the hashtag randomly, they organized how it would be done.

  Yet the #BoycottFlorida “movement” expects to get results without taking any steps to organize or come up with strategies to grow the movement? What is it when it comes to African American people that refuse to make the same sacrifices that allowed them the freedoms they have today, to help further social justice for our youth? I really don’t get it.

When I ask folks that spend time tweeting #BoycottFlorida, but don’t want to organize I get a bunch of nonsense responses. For example:

“No let’s just keep it here”?  Excuse me, but haven’t you notices that isn’t working? Hashtag trending, tweets are dwindling, movement is not growing?

“We can do this autonomously and still have impact, like when I protested the Iraqi War.” Again, excuse me, you think this should be carried out like protest for the Iraqi War, which failed to garner results?  How does that help?

I tried to explain to a young woman that advocating just a tourism boycott wasn’t a good idea, because 1) Disney World has a large international tourist base & 2) It could mislead people from other parts of the country that they couldn’t participate-

“Well I’m just doing this to raise awareness”.  Really? You’re not doing to try to get results of true economic sanctions?  There have been 3 more racially profiled shootings, how much more awareness do we need?

  Hasn’t the black community noticed we almost NEVER hear about an accidental police shooting of an unarmed Jewish, Caucasian or Asian person? Did it ever occur to these folks that part of the reason is these communities are highly organized & police know these types of incidents aren’t going to go unpunished. These groups are willing to immediately use the full power of their economic strength & organized community to halt it.

  Did they ever notice that the Civil Rights Movement, which we are days away from commemorating, wasn’t a rag tag autonomous group , by a highly organized one with folks even willing to lay down their lives?

  So what makes people tweeting #BoycottFlorida think this movement will work any other way?



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