Jonathan Ferrell Showed Cops He Was Unarmed, Didn’t Get Warning Before Being Shot 10 Times (DETAILS)

What are civil rights leaders waiting for? Concentration camps?

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Jonathan Ferrell

The attorney for 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell’sfamily is giving a play-by-play account of what he witnessed on the police dash cam before the former college football player was unnecessarily shot – and it’s not looking good for the police department.

Attorney Christopher Chestnut told the Charlotte Observer that Ferrell, who was seeking help after crashing his car in a suburban Charlotte, NC neighborhood, showed cops that he was unarmed.

But when he started to move, they shot at him 12 times (hitting him 10 times) without warning.

As two red laser dots from stun guns flashed on his chest, Jonathan Ferrell hitched up his pants and held out his arms to show officers he was unarmed, his family’s attorney told the Observer on Tuesday.

Ferrell then ran sideways on a dark road in northeast Charlotte Saturday, said the attorney, Chris Chestnut.

After changing positions, Ferrell went out of view of…

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