Fish from west Africa being illegally shipped to South Korea, say activists | World news |

This right here. Africa isn’t poor, it’s still being looted. We condemn it’s colonization but continue to support the rape of there resources.

Ned Hamson's Second Line View of the News

There is new evidence that large quantities of fish from west Africa are being \”stolen\” from communities heavily dependent on fishing, and loaded on to illegal vessels bound for South Korea.

Satellite technology suggests that a 470-ton fishing vessel is currently transporting illegally caught fish from Sierra Leone to Busan, South Korea\’s second-largest city, feeding high demand for seafood in Asia.

The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), which uncovered the case, said it was part of the biggest trade in illegally caught fish in the world.

It detected the Korean-flagged vessel fishing close to Sierra Leone\’s Sherbro Island, where communities are heavily reliant on fishing for their food and income.

News of the vessel – believed to be transporting more than 4,000 boxes of illegally caught fish – comes amid growing concern about falling fish stocks in wst Africa, as more traditional fishing communities are pushed into poverty.

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2 thoughts on “Fish from west Africa being illegally shipped to South Korea, say activists | World news |

  1. Africa and Latin American indigenous people once just exploited by Western European states and the US, now China, Korea, Japan all want the same things: low level commodities that Africans could use for their own internal development and to add value to for export. An African Union that operates like the EU but with greater strength is needed to stop corrupt leaders and the greedy from selling their birthrights again – and picking states off one by one. An ethical and strong Pan-Africanism is needed.

    1. Wonderfully summed up!! Only in hindsight will it be admitted though. How do we get that going? An when I say “we” I mean who ever could pull that off. Aren’t there still mostly puppet colonial governments there propped up by Western aid or am I wrong?

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