Black Va. Woman Arrested After Firing Gun Into Air To Scare Off Daughter’s Attackers

Dispatches from the Underclass

Lakisha Gaither, 35, fired a single round into the air from her lawfully owned firearm over the weekend in an effort to scare away a group of boys who were attacking her 15-year-old daughter, Brianna Stewart. Brianna has since gone missing and Gaither is frantically searching for her daughter as she prepares for her arraignment on October 30. That’s right, she was charged for shooting into the air in a state that loves guns!

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3 thoughts on “Black Va. Woman Arrested After Firing Gun Into Air To Scare Off Daughter’s Attackers

      1. When people make conscious decisions to be aware of WHO they are voting for and what they represent is when laws change. When movements take place they should be justifiable for the rights of humans. We are in the 21st century, with a population of 50 % of newborn births in this country are inter-racial. The focus must be on the better good of the people. Such as boycotting Barney’s and/or Macy’s department stores, they are nation wide and clearly practicing racial profiling, now your cause is one that can make a shift economically, ask people to not shop at these stores beginning Black Friday , now your battle is fueled and you will make them take a stand in the name of justice, economics. I have had the honor of speaking with Priscilla Krauser, research her, she is 1 of the few living participants of the 1959 sit-in, Tallahassee ,Florida. Want to connect you with her, I think you will find in informative speaking with her. With great love on your journey. Lateresa Candidate for Florida United States Senate 2016.

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