Brandon T. Jackson Kicked Off Flight After Being Called N-Word

The racists are getting bolder everyday. Boycott Florida to set an example to the entire country, we aren’t going to take it anymore.

The Urban Daily

There was a little trouble right before take off on a flight actor/comedian Brandon T. Jackson was on. The “Tropic Thunder” funnyman was on a US Airways flight when he says he was yelled at and called the n-word by a flight attendant.


According to Jackson, he was on the flight waiting for take off. A flight attendant who he calls Dee walked up to him and asked him to take his seat. Apparently, Dee wasn’t very polite in her request because the two began to argue. Eventually, the arguing led to the flight attendant screaming, “I don”t care if you’re Obama’s son — get in your seat!!” After she hurled that insult, she followed that up with her use of the n-word.

Brando T. Jackson was later escorted off the plane and questioned by the police in Phoenix, Arizona. Once the whole ordeal was over, Jackson tweeted, “This…

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