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You Can’t Vote in Civil Rights-Boycotting Florida Produced Products For Justice, in the wake of Donald Maison Jr Shooting

   If you are currently boycotting Florida’s economy by not purchasing their products and services in any state, you’re doing a lot. You are standing up for the principle and the injustice of the genocide of our young men. This country only understands one language, not English, MONEY!! Corporations run this country, especially since Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision gave them the same status as people and they can donate all the money they want to candidates.  Not sure what products are Florida based? Click here. Do it in any state.

  SO VOTING ALONE DOESN’T HELP! EVERY CANDIDATE IS INDEBTED TO SOME CORPORATION OR OTHER. The biggest influence you can have in politics, right now is the much celebrated “non violent civil disobedience” of Dr.King. Hit them where it hurts, in the pockets, then you will see change. Just like back then, it holds true today.

 You can not “vote” in civil rights. Repeat you can not vote in civil rights. How did gays get the right to marry? Supreme Court decision. What ended segregation? Same thing. What ended slavery? War. No civil rights are won by vote.  EVER, EVER EVER!! And they never will be, because people are not going to give up power willingly.

    Young people don’t realize that if someone hadn’t boycotted, sat int, marched, fought wars, African Americans would be slaves or second class citizens now. People died so blacks people could vote, be free, get education, etc. It didn’t change by itself or because racists felt like giving it to us. We had to fight. To stop these racially profiled killings, we have to fight again. Make an example out of Florida, so no state feels they can kill our young men & not feel the wrath. Pls consider boycotting Florida produced products too. Older folks have no excuse, if you lived through any of the Civil Rights Movement. you know better.

     Our unarmed young black men have been slaughtered for CENTURIES. It’s ok in this country to kill a young black man for just being black right now. Emmett Till, Sea Bell, Amadou Diallo, Trayvon Martin, Israel Hernandez (hispanic but a minority still), Troy Davis, Jordan Davis, Oscar Grant, how many bodies do we need to count?  Name ONE other race that you can make a list like that? I’ll wait? And being horrendously maimed or unjustly imprisoned-

PLEASE LOOK AT THIS LATEST CASE, 8yrs old. Donald Maison Jr. It has to stop now!! Make a example out of Florida, break their economy and all states will be on notice. If you kill or maim our children based on race, you will. suffer. Remember when companies lose money they make moves. Buses lost money in Boycotts, buses desegregated. Worked for Dr.King, will work for us now..  No civil rights leader of today is taking this on as an issue wholeheartedly. They hoop and holla each time and then move on. You can be a part of ending it now!

     We are not powerless. You can join Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Mary, Mary, Gerald Levert, Laila Hathaway, ESPN columnist Scoop Jackson,  and other principled people who may not be speaking out because they are under corporate contracts.  Use your economic power! Boycott Florida until the laws change and show America African Americans do have strength.


President Obama Campaign Saboteurs The Demo “Rats” 2012

They smile in your face, all the time want to take your place…

Anyone with an ounce of sense knows the most pertinent issue of the Presidential election is the economy, period. The recession was brought on by the Bush Era Tax cuts, questionable wars expenditures and Reagan era deregulation of  industries, banks in particular. The miniscule amounts spent on government “entitlement” program (12% in 2011)  were never the problem that drove our economy into this dismal state.

Marriage equality, a civil right that shouldn’t even be an issue,  the erroneous fables of the burden of healthcare reform  or labor unions “gouging” private industries into “near bankruptcy” or the 12%  of the budget dedicated to entitlement programs  the snow job issues Republican’s would like you to focus on  have nothing to do with it.  If the economy isn’t running efficiently nothing else will matter.

No matter what you hear, it is President Obama turning this economy around with 27 months of private sector job growth, more efficient spending on entitlement programs & 4mil+ new jobs since taking office. No everything is not where it should be but it is definitely going in the right direction, despite a Congress fighting his every step.

Cory Booker has more than that ounce of sense. His remarks on Meet the Press were no more accident, than his attempt to ride the Obama “post racial” political atmosphere to higher office right now. Booker represented himself as a surrogate for the reelection of President Obama, then purposely attempted to dismantle the most legitimate tenant of the campaign.  Calling attacks on Bain Capital & private equity nauseating, while the campaign is rightfully  trying to educate the public how the under-taxation and deregulation of those industries is at the epicenter of the recession was nothing less than self-serving sabotage. Add to that, Booker didn’t disclose his own dependence and donations in the same breathe=rat.

But, but, Cory Booker is restoring the greatness of Newark! But Booker has right to his opinion, Booker is a hands on Mayor personally involved with his constituents on a daily basis!

Are we really that stupid? Has it ever occurred to people who if Cory Booker was really this magnificent Mayor, instead of him personally answering calls for help on  Twitter & via phone, as Mayor he would have the local government agencies paid to attend to these crisis running efficiently so he wouldn’t have to? Do we not know the most profound issue affecting Newark residents, crime and poorly run education system haven’t seen any major improvement during his term? Are we really impressed with new parks, (which Newark had no lack of prior to this latest one and potentially provide even more space for drug dealers to ply their trade since they aren’t even patrolled) and hotels don’t address the most basic needs  of the residents? Are we that dazzled by inspirational tweets, skewered reality shows and interviews, our minds gloss over the fact Booker is slick talker with practically no real progress.

And of course Booker is entitled to his own opinion and disagree with the Obama campaign. But if you are nauseated with core message of the campaign an honest man would have been upfront, told the administration he didn’t believe in their message and declined the interview.

It’s only the backstabbing snake that Booker is that would agree to appear as a surrogate, knowing in his heart he didn’t agree with the campaigns message, and then try to smear Obama. If Booker only motive was really to “give advice” to the campaign there are no shortage of outlets that would have let him do a stand alone interview where he could have said anything he wanted to about the President, but to do it under the guise of being a surrogate? The only reason to do it that way was ensure he became the center of attention, on the Presidents back, purely to further his own agenda.

Bill Clinton’s recent praise of Bain Capital is the same story. Even with President Obama making Hilary Secretary of State, despite her nasty attacks in the 2008 campaign & almost guaranteeing she’s positioned for the 2016 nomination, the Clinton’s sense of entitlement will not allow them support Obama. In their minds, this was supposed to have been Hilary’s presidency, so Bill gets a case of slippery tongue in Romney’s favor “coincidentally”.

If people weren’t stupid these things shouldn’t matter because we’d be able to see right thru them. But the fact that Mitt Romney, running on promises to raise taxes on the poor & cut taxes for the “job creators”aka “the wealthiest”, which is just repackaged Reagan failed trickled down economics is getting even 1 vote proves we aren’t. And since the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision (doesn’t that sound so benignly patriotic) gave bazillionare corporations the right to interject all the money they desire into the election process, the last thing we our President needs are these wolves in sheep’s clothing advocating  for him. This campaign and the very foundations of how our country will run for the next several decades are at stake here.We don’t have room for these kinds of fugg ups.

The O’Jays got it right, nothing but Backstabbers.  The Tea Party has had such a chilling effect on the potential candidates, it has infected members the Democratic Party with hopes for higher office.  This campaign season, please don’t take my word for it, research what you hear & be clear in your own mind what is truth vs propaganda.