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Miami Police Clash with Man with Down Syndrome, Mistook Colostomy Bag for “Threatening Bulge”

What is it going to take to get these sell out HOUSE NEGROS to step & lead a new Civil Rights Movement- You all have the resources and only because many people laid down their lives and limbs for you- then all POS Like #SeanCarter & #Shaq can do is defend these racists vicious MFer’s???
Another minority police brutality case of an unarmed person.  23yr old, 5ft tall man with Downs Syndrome, Gilbert Powell viciously beaten for “threatening bulge in pants” which was a colostomy bag in MIAMI, FLORIDA. WE NEED TO STEP UP THE GAME. See story below.Image
Gilbert Powell

And as far as you regular African Americans that still support Florida’ economy, you either have a death wish or are functionally retarded. #BoycottFlorida before they come and get yo black azz or your brother’s, or father’s.