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Renisha McBride, 19yr old, unarmed woman murdered IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE STAY THE COURSE

Renisha McBride, 19yr old, unarmed woman murdered (shot in back of head), early Saturday morning. Image
Police are not releasing the name of shooter and have further stated it appears to be self-defense. Also the police initially lied to family and told them her body was dumped there, rather than killed there.

I know the first question will be, what does this have to do with Boycotting Florida? This is happening all over the country.

However, it is impossible & impractical to boycott the entire country. Florida has had a disproportionate amount of racially profiled deaths of unarmed, innocent minorities. Trayvon Martin’s murder has been a catalyst in a resurgence of minority and decent people of other ethnic groups to fight these “legal lynchings”.
 Boycotts are only effective when you zero in on one target, like Florida, because you can only make an example out of one area at a time.
This harkens back to the teachings of MalcolmX and Dr. Martin Luther King. They didn’t boycott the nation, they choose areas like Birmingham, Harlem etc to make an example that garnered international attention.

News report here: http://www.myfoxchicago.com/story/23876234/death-of-girl-19-in-dearborn-heights-may-have-been-self-defense-gone-wrong


A Plan to Put an End to Racially Profiled Killing of Minorities- MXGM Proposal “No More Trayvon Martins”

Every 36 hours an African American is murdered by a police officer, security guard or vigilante in  this nation. The majority are unarmed committing no crime.

Last year the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) published 2 reports documenting these facts and proposing a comprehensive plan to bring this emergent crisis to an end. It’s entitled ” It received little national attention, however this can not go on ignored.

I would encourage everyone to please read these reports and the plan and begin forming a united, organized effort to start it TODAY. I’m doing everything I can to contact the original author of the plan & would ask you to do the same.

But even if we don’t get a response, this is something that must be done.  Please read the two reports and the proposed plan of action below.

OPERATION GHETTO STORM 2012 (documenting the rate of deaths of unarmed black persons executed by authority figures)


Need soldiers4 #BoycottFloria Closed FBgroup Pls befriend me Teese Powell so I can add u

The #boycott Florida is already working. Darden Restaurants has posted losses for this quarter. They are a Florida Based restaurant company that owns Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Outback and more. But we need to become a more cohesive and organized group to see true success. That’s why we have started a closed Facebook group, you can only become a member of by  invitation  only.

If you are already or in the past been tweeting #BoycottFlorida and justice for Trayvon please befriend me, Teese Powell so we c can invite you to the group.  This will work better than meeting since many have gone back to school and can’t make certain times. We need an army, and we need to lock out the trolls, so please consider joining this group to make the effort more effective

But to really keep this going and make an impact we must organize. This is not only about justice for Trayvon Martin, but Marissa Alexander, Israel Hernandez, Roy Middleton and all the unarmed minority  killed, maimed or unjustly imprisoned people in the United States. @Warskull_  & I have come up with a strategy, but we need more soldiers. We’ve created a strategy for an online campaign “Keys to a Successful Organized Boycott”.

However, since the plan is possible sabotage we need to vet every member, (we will check to see if you have a history of already supporting the cause). Thank you for your time and effort. We will get justice for Trayvon and stop the killing of unarmed minorities by cops and vigilantes. But it’s going to take all of us working together.  Please join as soon as possible. The steps will be very easy and won’t take up much of your time.  Thank you in advance

Partial List of Unarmed Minority Murders in United States and out comes
Unarmed Shooting Minority Shooting Victims

Jonathan Ferrell Charolette, NC

Oscar Grant, 22yr Oakland, California, shot in back lying face down hand cuffed (officer convicted of involuntary manslaughter, served 11 mos)

Cary Ball Jr. St. Louis, Missouri

Timothy Russell Cleveland, Ohio 12/12 137 rounds

Kendrec McDade, 19 Pasedena, California 3/12

Kimani Gray, 16 Brooklyn, NY 3/13

Ervin Jefferson, 18yrs, Atlanta, Georgia

Amadou Diallo, 23yrs, New York (officers acquitted)

Patrick Dorismond, 26yr New York (officer acquitted)

Ousmane Zongo, 43 New York (officer convicted of negligent homicide, but no jail time)

Timothy Stansbury Jr, 19, Brooklyn, NY (officer claimed it was accidental & was acquitted)

Sean Bell, 23yr Queens, NY (officers found not guilty)

Orlando Barlow, Las Vegas, Nevada (shooting ruled “excusable)

Aaron Campbell, 25yr, Portland, Oregon (officers acquitted)

Victor Steen, 17yrs, Pensacola, Fla ON VIDEO TAPE, shot at, tased and run over by officer. (Judge rule no crime committed)

Steven Eugene Washington, 27yr Austistic man Los Angeles, CA
Alonzo Ashley, 29yr Denver, Colorado killed with taser for throwing trash can, prior to police arrival (police not charged)

Wendell Allen, 20yr, 3/7/12, killed in home warrant raid, 4.5 ounces of marijuana “found” on body (officers still under investigation)

James Brissette 17yr New Orleans, 2005

Ronald Madison, 2005 New Orleans 40yr, severely mentally ill, shot stomped and kicked to death (officers found guilty of civil rights violations)

Travares McGill, 16yrs, Sanford, Fla, killed by security guards claiming McGill was trying to run them over, however he was shot in the back. Car was not driving in reverse.

Ramarley Graham 18yr, Bronx NY shot flushing a bag of marijuana down the toilet by police entering home without warrant. (judge tossed out indictment of manslaughter charges on technicalities)

Israel Hernandez , 18yrs

Aiyana Stanley-Jones 7rs, Detroit Michigan Charlotte police kill ex-FAMU player who may have been running to them for help http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/15/justice/north-carolina-police-shooting/index.html?sr=sharebar_twitter

Recent Minority Shooting, Murders, Maiming & Injustice Imprisonment in Florida

#IsraelHernadez. 18
#Trayvo nMartin
#RoyMiddleton, 60yrs
#VictorSteen, 17yrs,
#DonaldMaisen Jr 8yrs
#TravaresMcGill, 16yrs,
#Michael Giles (unjustly convicted)
This Must End Now, Make an Example out of Florida, the rest of the nation will follow suit. Don’t do anything and it keeps going and going.

You Can’t Vote in Civil Rights-Boycotting Florida Produced Products For Justice, in the wake of Donald Maison Jr Shooting

   If you are currently boycotting Florida’s economy by not purchasing their products and services in any state, you’re doing a lot. You are standing up for the principle and the injustice of the genocide of our young men. This country only understands one language, not English, MONEY!! Corporations run this country, especially since Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision gave them the same status as people and they can donate all the money they want to candidates.  Not sure what products are Florida based? Click here. Do it in any state.

  SO VOTING ALONE DOESN’T HELP! EVERY CANDIDATE IS INDEBTED TO SOME CORPORATION OR OTHER. The biggest influence you can have in politics, right now is the much celebrated “non violent civil disobedience” of Dr.King. Hit them where it hurts, in the pockets, then you will see change. Just like back then, it holds true today.

 You can not “vote” in civil rights. Repeat you can not vote in civil rights. How did gays get the right to marry? Supreme Court decision. What ended segregation? Same thing. What ended slavery? War. No civil rights are won by vote.  EVER, EVER EVER!! And they never will be, because people are not going to give up power willingly.

    Young people don’t realize that if someone hadn’t boycotted, sat int, marched, fought wars, African Americans would be slaves or second class citizens now. People died so blacks people could vote, be free, get education, etc. It didn’t change by itself or because racists felt like giving it to us. We had to fight. To stop these racially profiled killings, we have to fight again. Make an example out of Florida, so no state feels they can kill our young men & not feel the wrath. Pls consider boycotting Florida produced products too. Older folks have no excuse, if you lived through any of the Civil Rights Movement. you know better.

     Our unarmed young black men have been slaughtered for CENTURIES. It’s ok in this country to kill a young black man for just being black right now. Emmett Till, Sea Bell, Amadou Diallo, Trayvon Martin, Israel Hernandez (hispanic but a minority still), Troy Davis, Jordan Davis, Oscar Grant, how many bodies do we need to count?  Name ONE other race that you can make a list like that? I’ll wait? And being horrendously maimed or unjustly imprisoned-

PLEASE LOOK AT THIS LATEST CASE, 8yrs old. Donald Maison Jr. It has to stop now!! Make a example out of Florida, break their economy and all states will be on notice. If you kill or maim our children based on race, you will. suffer. Remember when companies lose money they make moves. Buses lost money in Boycotts, buses desegregated. Worked for Dr.King, will work for us now..  No civil rights leader of today is taking this on as an issue wholeheartedly. They hoop and holla each time and then move on. You can be a part of ending it now!

     We are not powerless. You can join Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Mary, Mary, Gerald Levert, Laila Hathaway, ESPN columnist Scoop Jackson,  and other principled people who may not be speaking out because they are under corporate contracts.  Use your economic power! Boycott Florida until the laws change and show America African Americans do have strength.

50th Anniversary March on Washington, Honoring or Mocking of Dr. King’s Legacy

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr.King was not a civil rights leader of words without deeds, as we witnessed from most of the speakers during the Aug 24th 50th Anniversary Commemorative March in his honor. Dr King didn’t just give speeches & wait on the outcome of votes to win the victories of equality. He practiced & participated in what he preached. He never endorsed a political candidate or relied on their assistance in his battles. In fact, there were never any black civil rights won through votes.

But there weren’t  many calls for organized civil actions from the speakers at the rally in Dr. King’s honor for the struggles we continue to face today. No one endorsed of his practice of organized, non-violent civil disobedience or offered to organize an event. I’m especially the issues, referenced by many of the speakers, of the unpunished racially profiled assaults, arrests & genocide of African-American men and prison inequities in the prison industry. I heard mentions of “the civil rights battle wasn’t over, “we must continue the fight”- mostly aimed at getting the Supreme Court’s recent gutting of The Voting Rights Act overturned, without much specific on how.

Rep. John Lewis, one of the original civil rights leaders & speakers, came very close to suggesting organized action. Regarding the Voting Rights Bill, he said, “You can not stand by, you can not sit down, you have to stand up. We must get out, speak up. Make some noise.” He declared voting was the most powerful tool. He referenced the technology (internet, iphones, etc) as ways we must use to communicate to our Congressmen, we can’t allow the attacks of Voting Rights Protections & Healthcare to stand. However, he didn’t offer any direction on how  to organize those efforts. (but God he has done more than his share, as he even reminded us how he shed blood along side Dr.King during the original civil rights movement)

Only Myrlie Evers came close. She spoke directly of SYG laws, suggesting we take the terms literally “Stand Your Ground” and stop the course of [rights] which are slowly being taken away from us. Adding that we should not forget the women represented in the past civil rights movement & today, she continued
“Stand your ground for freedom and justice and do whatever is necessary and legal to move this country forward.” (The only phrase heard that came close to Dr.King’s ideology.) “Because we are on stand still today, stand still that looks back and we can not let that happen.” She continued to speak of allowing the leaders of yesterday to step back, yet reach out a hand to the young leaders of today “because we need them”…

“50yrs ago today Dr.King & so many others helped to show us the way and give us the strength… let us not forget the history and let us move forward.”

But despite acknowledging, just a few seconds ago, that “we are at a stand still now” (implying from my perspective things are moving backward on their watch) & acknowledging Dr.King had given us the blueprint years ago, she felt the the old guard should step back?

From the history of Dr.King, I find it hard to believe his stance on the ongoing racially profiled arrests, maiming and murders of our innocent, unarmed men, would be him just encouraging us to vote. From Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo all with in the pass 15 yrs & the sudden recent rash of murders in Florida of #Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis & Israel Hernandez, I can’t imagine Dr.King sanctioning the non action being taken. Add to that shooting of 60 yr old Roy Middleton in his own driveway holding only  a cigarette in his hand, but having his entire leg shattered by a barrage of 15 police bullets and the 20yr sentence Marissa Alexander is serving for shooting a warning bullet into a wall, I believe Dr. King would be directing, (if not personally involved)  some direct non violent protest until the conditions that encourage this behavior is ended.

Dr.King methods were organized, non-violent, civil disobedience campaigns:marches, sit-ins, protests & boycotts, which he dedicated his career & life, as the way to counter racial injustice where ever it occurred in the nation.
    Yes he gave speeches to ignite the movements but his commitment didn’t end there. Dr.King, along with the founders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), immediately organized, lead and participated, side by side with the citizens, who risked their liberty & sometimes lives in these movements. Dr. King, himself was seriously injured twice & jailed 29 times.

An overview of a few of the campaigns he led show the stark contrast between him and the leaders of today, which strongly correlate with the lack of progress Mrs Evars so eloquently noted:

  The Selma to Montgomery Campaign– Aimed at securing enforcement of African-American voting rights, the 54 mile march & protests were met with violence from the KKK, local police enforcement, incarceration of many of the marchers & leaders including King. & two unprosecuted deaths. Only after the 2nd death, by court order was the march & planned occupation of Selma allowed to continue.  Upon reaching Montgomery, Dr.King & protesters were supported by a host  of the most popular celebrities of that era -Harry Belafonte, Tony Bennett, Frankie Laine, Peter, Paul and Mary, Sammy Davis, Jr., Joan Baez and Nina Simone all performed.
When protesters demands were still not met, Dr. King called for a boycott of the state of Alabama products. He not only organized but helped enforce it by having members of the campaign patrol the downtown areas encouraging any blacks shoppers to not patronize segregated businesses.

The outcome of this effort was President Lyndon B. Johnson promoting the bill which would become Voting Rights Aug 16, 1965, giving federal protection to Black voters in every state.

 Montgomery Bus Boycott– Though initially started by a church grass-roots effort & the NAACP, it wasn’t until Dr. King & his coalition became involved the effort grew and gained national attention & support. After suffering similar harassment, violent attacks & incarceration, etc, the coalition finally won desegregation on all public transportation of in Alabama & all interstate transportation.

The Birmingham Campaign of 1963–  Was a model of mixed direct action protests, as it effectively shut down the city, drawing worldwide media attention to harsh violent treatment Blacks were suffering under the racial segregation in the South.” This campaign endure all the same brutal acts of the mentioned above& much worse such as bombings. But due to its multifaceted, highly organized combination of protest tactics this campaign brought about the most change. It included several defiant  marches with the intention of causing arrests until the jails were full to the brim,  sit-ins at business & public facilities banned by use for blacks, a highly organized and monitored boycott of the cities businesses that even drew support of whites in the city and a coalition of rabbis  who declared the treatment of the protesters and citizens akin to the Holocaust. After months the jails and businesses in the city were completely non violently disrupted to the point of a total shutdown.

Resolution-On May 8th, business owner voluntarily gave into the protests demands removing their “whites only” signs & serve & hire black employee, against the will of cities politicians.On May 10, Fred Shuttlesworth and Martin Luther King told reporters that they had an agreement from the City of Birmingham to desegregate lunch counters, restrooms, drinking fountains and fitting rooms within 90 days, and to hire blacks in stores as salesmen and clerks. Those in jail would be released on bond or their own recognizance. Urged by President Kennedy, the United Auto Workers, National Maritime Union, United Steelworkers Union, and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) raised $237,000 in bail money ($1,780,000 in 2013) to free the demonstrators. Commissioner Connor and the outgoing mayor condemned the resolution.

The reality of how fast all of these victories took time to implement & were followed by much resistance, including violence (pls see link for full account). But these are the methods which ended the racial injustices we benefit from today, and only some modified version of those same organized tactics will be the only what ends the ones we face now.

It will required a highly  committed group of leaders and supporters working in concert to effect any change in the racist policies we were living through today the wave of unpunished racially profiled murders, maiming and prosecutions and the school to prison pipeline orchestrated in many states. Due to the subversive nature of how these injustices are carried out, no amount of legislation can correct it. Pass a law saying “no racial profiling”? What officer has ever admitted to simply arresting, shooting or murder based on race anyway, it would be a toothless measure. Shut down any city with a wave of protests and boycotts the economic suffering alone will bring on the change needed. It’s the only language this corporate run country understands

And those were only the highlights of Dr. King’s career. Up until his death, Dr. King continued to fight for economic freedom having moved into public housing & was campaigning for the impoverished. He and his family lived, the civil rights movement while they lead it. Now we only seem to have a bunch of talking heads, some making great commentary and some completely out of touch. Only the Dreamdefenders.org with the support of Harry Belafonte followed the methods, Dr. King and so many other laid down their lives for. Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Mary Mary & Gerald Levert have joined in a boycott effort that would make Dr.King proud.

But for the rest of the bunch, I can’t say the same. They only spew the same rhetoric every time one of our men fall victim & manage to get in the spotlight. But no action, no organizing…. they really should be ashamed of pretending to be following in the footsteps Dr. King’s efforts. With the exception of President Obama, who obviously can not take sides in this matter as leader of the entire country, none of these self-proclaimed “Civil Rights Leaders” are leading much of anything, except the salaries they collect as pundits.

Sick of Uncle Tom’s & Aunt Tomesina’s Celebrities

There was a time in this country when African-American celebrities weren’t afraid to speak out against injustices of their race. Perhaps because many of them were still feeling the indignities of the Jim Crow era and/or because they truly cared.  Jackie Robinson, Nina Simone, Lena Horne, Paul Roebeson, Muhammed Ali, & of course Harry Belafonte, just to name a few. They fearlessly spoke up & participated in social issues not worried about the effect it would have on their career status. Without them & our Black leadership, Dr.King, MalcolmX, & Meadgar Evars, there’s no doubt, African-Americans would have remained second class citizens in the country we built.

This is why I’m baffled today’s’ celebrities are so indifferent to those that paved their way. Don’t they realize if so many had not laid down lives & limbs for them, they wouldn’t have the education or opportunity to have to acquired the wealth & platforms of influence they have?

If Jim Crow was still in place, would they even allow Oprah Winfrey to have a daytime talk show or network?

Would Sean Carter have ever gotten any airplay? For that matter, would he’d even been able to sell drugs in Brooklyn, where he drew most of his earlier catalog of music from?

Would Don Lemon even had the chance to obtain a degree in journalism (& someone check on that for me please, I’m not sure he has one), if not for Plessy vs Ferguson & all of the other legislative cases following the landmark decisions?

Of course not, but these African American’s don’t feel any gratitude towards those that paved their way. And they certainly feel no obligation to pave the way for future generations.

It’s apparent in these quotes:

Oprah Winfrey:   “I became so frustrated with visiting inner-city schools that I just stopped going. The sense that you need to learn just isn’t there.”
In America, she says, “If you ask the kids what they want or need, they will say an iPod or some sneakers. In South Africa, they don’t ask for money or toys. They ask for uniforms so they can go to school.”  (Imagine in a country where fewer than 3/4th of the kids have no access to TV & decent footwear, these kids don’t want IPods & sneakers).

And this little gem on “Trayvon Martin case: “Trayvon Martin, parallel to Emmett Till,” Oprah told The Grio’s Chris Witherspoon. “Let me just tell you, in my mind, same thing. But you can get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and to see how far we’ve come.” In her mind it’s the same thing, but she doesn’t think she should use any of her influence or power to help seek justice “because we’ve come so far”. Wow, what if slaves had that attitude & just said, we’re free now, let’s not rock the boat anymore, remember how far we’ve come? Yes I hear you, Miss Sophia.

Sean Carter on Harry Belafonte ‘s criticism of his lack of social responsibility:

I’m offended by that because first of all, and this is going to sound arrogant, but my presence is charity. Just who I am. Just like Obama’s is……” Mr.Carter, if not for people like Dr.King, MalcolmX, you’re own great-grandparents willingness to fight injustice, you probably wouldn’t be allowed to sweep the floor of Madison Square Garden, least of all sell out shows. Even with the benefit of all those sacrificed before you, you’re fortunate that escaped a lengthy jail sentence.)

AND You are nothing like Obama! He has several degrees, is a constitutional law professor and is President of the United States. Your presence is not “charity”, your audience’s ticket sales are charity to you & I pray Green Ivory’s” (or whatever the hell her name is) college fund. But you, sir aren’t charity.  By your own admission, you helped contribute to the destruction of your community. Anyone with a conscience & your luck would jump at the opportunity to save more lives. You don’t sound arrogant, you sound uneducated.

Don Lemon, it’s understandable that working for network that has fired every other black correspondent, you might not want to do anything to rock the boat. But you do understand w/o the sacrifices that came before you,  you could just have well ended up a butler. If we hadn’t come so far on the backs, necks & lives that ended slavery & Jim Crow, you wouldn’t have had the platform you had.

As a gay black man you know that a 5 point plan to end gay violence could have been as superficial as the 5 point plan you gave to chastise African Americans? I mean, I could suggest you hit the gym 3 times a week, as to beef up your so flamboyantly feminine appearance, which might inspire homophobes to not target you. But that would be just as silly as you using Mr Martin’s death a springboard for your superficial tirade of black culture, which addressed none of the issues that spawned racial violence.

It can’t be entirely blamed on these people . They have many  contemporaries who place profits over morality & equality .They were just smart enough to keep their mouths shut.

Let’s just be grateful & supportive of the brave celebrities & legends like Stevie Wonder, Eddie Levert, Chaka Khan, Lala Hathaway, Joy Reid & many more will join in the effort for justice. Please thank & go out support these brave & talented artists. There will be many more,  I’m sure of it. Unlike Don Lemon, I don’t believe blacks are inherently stupid.

How To Boycott Florida From Any State-List of Florida Based Corps

An economic boycott of Florida based companies will force corporations to use their power and influence to change the laws that set child murder George Zimmerman free and put an end to their corrupt legal system.

While protests & vigils are appropriate, they haven’t done much to stop the tide of racially profiled murder victims. We’ve held them following Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Rodney King with little effect.

Here’s a list of Florida based companies you can boycott from any state, that will have a strong economic impact & bring about meaningful change:(It’s so a good idea to tweet them too)

1) Do not buy products or services produced in Florida. Oranges, Tropicana orange juice, Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics, Hertz Rental cars, Perry Ellis International,Tupperware, Sunbeam appliances, Trac Phone Wireless, Cash4Gold, EA Tiburon which owns EA Electronics Video Games

2) Don’t patronize restaurants based in Florida. Darden corporation owns Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, The Capital Grille, Eddie V’s and Yard House, Bloom Brand own Outback Steakhouse, also these franchises Pizza Fusion, Ruth’s Chris Steak House

3) Don’t shop at any stores based out of Florida. Office Depot, Stein Mart Clothing, Bijoux Terner Fashions, Peace Love World Apparel ,Badcock Home Furniture, Champs Sports, Tire Kingdom

4) Don’t stay at hotels with owner companies based in Florida. Chatham Lodging Trust owns many Residence Inns, Hyatt Hotels, Hampton Inns.

5) Don’t use any Florida based web services such as Web.com, Friend finder Networks owns perfectmatch.com, friendfinder.com

6) Don’t buy from HSN, the Home Shopping Network.

7) Don’t shop at any Florida based grocery stores WinnDixie, Publix Super Markets

8) Don’t buy from Florida based online companies – Tiger Direct Computer Supplies, Bankrate.com

9)Please plan your vacation & conventions in other states, Skip Disney, Epcot Center, Orlando Studios

10) If anyone knows of companies that should be added please leave them in the comments

Don’t forget, there are alternatives to all these products, so even if you live in Florida you can still boycott these companies by buying products & services produced by out of state companies. You don’t have to leave the state to boycott.

Please don’t be taken by the fear mongering headlines that boycotting will effect the people hurting most in Florida. It’s going after large corporations, not small business owners. If this is done nationwide, the losses these companies will suffer should cause them to take action long before huge layoffs take place.  Peace and Blessings

Why We Must Form A Mass Consolidated Boycott For Trayvon Martin

The unjust verdict that freed killer George Zimmeran last week is almost unbelievable.

I say almost because with a $400,000 defense team most folks would stand a good chance of getting off. That money was raised through donations from one website put up & promoted  by his attorneys so his supporters could send their donations to one place.

In the aftermath, Martin supporters have done an excellent job of protesting, petitioning and campaigning calls for justice. Very effectively, almost to the point where the DOJ may reopen their investigation & possibly try Zimmerman on civil rights violations

But there’s a big problem in the black community when it comes to consolidating our efforts to seek justice. Random national protests, especially these do a lot to create awareness & force the government to action. But unless these efforts are consolidated where there’s a huge number of people under one organization, these protests will eventually become little more than be a nuisance to local police departments & the country at large.

The only thing this country really responds to is threats to the economy or corporations losing dollars. If all the organizations around the country joined together to protest by boycotting businesses in Florida the response would be astronomical.
BUT and this is a big but, it will have to be 100’s of millions Martin supporters, vowed to boycott Florida based corporations & products, other corps that do business with Florida & celebrities that performed there. Then their economy would tank & we’d see legislators take action.  If only a couple thousand supporters tweet boycott Florida, join Facebook groups and apply no pressure, these billion dollar corporations can easily absorb small losses & ignore it.

History confirms this. Look at the results of the aftermath of the deaths of Amaduo Diallo, Sean Bell and Oscar Grant. All had large protests, outcries for justice and memorial organizations created in their honor. Aside from the Bell memorial org, that runs a children center, the rest are bankrupt and have no impact on lobbying for laws to prevent racially profiled deaths. You can verify all of this at Find the Best which tracks all non profits.

Don’t we want the results to be different this time? Don’t we want real change and an end to racially profiled killings? Or do we just want to be reactionary every time one high-profile case happens?

If you want change, I would encourage everyone interested in seeking justice for the Martin Family & an end to racially profiled deaths to encourage their individual organizations to become consolidated in their efforts. This way the numbers will be in the millions & effective at getting something systematically done. 500 different organizations all trying to accomplish the same goal won’t have that of impact. The civil rights movement taught us that much.

All the Facebook book groups should unite, Tweeters should meet & plan campaigns similar to the #StopRush movement, which was wildly successful getting sponsors to drop Limbaugh’s show. Local offline groups should join a centralized movement & act in concert. Really the NAACP should be spearheading this effort, but if you’ve noticed over the past 20 years they don’t get involved until relatives have begged, churches have already formed local coalitions or a case is over (see what they haven’t done for Marissa Alexander & 100’s of others).

I’m begging the leaders that have the ear of the country to form an organization specifically for this cause, so that all groups & individuals can join to make real change this time. We can protest only so long in decentralized groups & make a temporary impact until the next racially profiled death get’s attention.
Or we can take a page from groups like #StopRush, PollyKlass Foundation or hell even Zimmeran’s attorney’s that consolidated their efforts & dollars to free him.

Let’s get it right this time.

PS Kudos to Stevie Wonder for taking a stand. Please encourage all African-American & justice supporters to do the same thing. No, African-American would have the rights they do today if our predecessors didn’t fight & die for them. Don’t be an ungrateful beneficiary.

Don’t live or plan to travel to Florida? Here’s a list of Florida based corporations so you can still tweet them & boycott them,

Florida Based Companies     Some you won’t recognize like Darden’s but they own Red Lobster & Olive   Garden, so click on them to see what business they run.

Also after I originally wrote this, Jesse Jackson has come forward to ask for national boycott.

GendrQueer’s Misogynist Smear Blog Bloopers and Lies

Obsessed twitter, blogger Graham Murphy is still at writing an entire blog dedicated to little ole me. At first I was mad, because the accusations he was making were blatant untruths. Now it’s funny because if u read it you’ll find he can’t even get his lies straight. Here’s a list of his most outrageous, incoherent accusations to date

1) “The BLOG is dedicated to exposing the truth about Theresa Fowler, AKA: @THEE_STUPID

My name is Theresa Powell, not Fowler. this man is so deranged he can’t even keep his victims names straight.

2) Theresa Powell, AKA @Thee_Stupid on Twitter, claims that she needed to blog about someone because they won’t go away, but in the same tweet says they are now ”suspended.” How does someone fit so many lies in one tweet?

Ok this time getting my name right, but he accuses me of lying and uses a a screenshot of a suspended acct as “proof” I’m lying.The screenshot was of his suspended account and I did blog about “that person” Graham Murphy here? So where is the lie?

3) @Thee_Stupid: Zimmerman Supporter “She is even trying to start up an organization to fight racially motivated crimes. (She will never succeed in this endeavor because nobody wants to work with such an angry, bitter, unhinged person.)”

False, I am part of a large active community online  #TeamTrayvon as evidence by this 1 of many Trayvon Martin supporters: @thee_stupid Thanks for following and supporting ‪#TeamTrayvon @thee_stupid-1:19 PM – 26 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details, as well as local groups. The evidence Graham Murphy uses to make it appear I have abandoned my efforts for justice for Trayvon Martin are Photoshopped screenshots with statements I never made. If any of it were true he’d be able to publish the url of the tweet, he can’t becuz it doesn’t exist.

3)More LGBT Hate :Apparently hate knows no bounds with Theresa Powell, on Twitter known as @Thee_Stupid. She will tweet out seemingly supportive statements about the LGBT community, but hiding behind anonymous emails, she likes to send out what she deems as disgusting pictures and physical threats. I received a new folder in my DropBox account with more disgusting behavior by Stupid and after going to her timeline, I find that yet another blog entry is necessary.

This accusation is not only an outright lie, if you read the link, there isn’t any 1 statement from me.It’s just Graham Murphy accusing me of pretending to be other people, with not 1 iota of proof that I am.  It’s just a bunch of tweets from people Graham Murphy claims with no proof I associate with and a picture of man with breasts addressed from someone I don’t even know? He’s even given up trying to make it appear I am the person sending out this garbage.

And if you look at the other people he attacks, they are all women. This isn’t the work of a bullied transgender male, it’s the work of a misogynist who thinks he’s so smart, people can’t see through his sloppy photoshop work.

Update: While the accusations linkd have been apparently taken down, I still think there is merit to illustrating what cyberbullies do and this one in particular. For independent confirmation of this person’s activities visit:


A completely independent, but fully endorsed by me of what he is capable of.

UPDATED: Graham Murphy/Sandy Dolan/ @GendrQueer whatever his name is has moved his smear site yet again.  http://twitterdicks.com/Psychos/PowellBlog/files/c6c9ce6f5e9e0501f4a8043c824470d8-4.html

If you read the page, it’s incoherent. He attributes things to me with other people’s name attached to them, but if you just read his commentary you’d believe I was head of an Anti LGBT Hate Group! I am just the latest of several women he attacks with total fabrications. But the real problem is he is a hacker who breaks into computers and destroys them.

This is a hard post for me to write. Generally when I was a disagree with someone online I stop following or block and move on. I have an offline life so it’s not that serious to me

However I am also passionate about certain causes, especially social justice, politics. criminal injustices and civil rights. So I devote my spare time to engaging with others working to that end.

Unfortunately I became involved with a tweeter, named Graham Murphy who endeared himself to me when the Trayvon Martin story broke.  He tweeted me saying “because my tweets moved him he was going to make a site in Trayvon’s honor” and asked me to assist him it. I was very touched and began emailing with him.

Immediately I was inundated with warning from other Tweeters who told me this man (at the time name azliberial) was a dangerous, psychotic transgender person with hacking skills. I was warned he had hacked several people’s computers, regularly posted hate sites against his “enemies” and went as far as tracking people down, trying to get them fired or their children taken away.   His avi at the time was  a graphic of sunshine , so I never asked him/her about their sexual orientation, since it had nothing to do with what we were doing.  I ignored, even defended him against his naysayers at the time because all I knew of was the great work he was doing with Trayvon Martin’s, ALEC & Anti-Rush Sites.

But when the warning kept coming with evidence I finally did inquire with Murph as to whether any of the accusations were true, (ie had he hacked people, made hate web sites, tracked down people calling their jobs trying to get them fired and calling children’s services to try to get people’s children taken away,etc) I even joked with him that if he was a real hacker  I could use his services because I had a wayward son I really was concerned about.

He responded, that all the people warning me were really 1 person “his stalker” & all accusations  but one about a reality star on Big Brother, Shelley Moore, were untrue. He admitted he had participated in a hate group about her, “after seeing the error of his ways” he wrote an apology and left it. He painted everyone else in the group as the real hackers and stalkers, etc. Since I don’t watch reality TV I didn’t care.

Then something strange happened. I began making friends with certain tweeters, & Graham would insist that I stop speaking with them, because they were his “stalker in disguise”.  Also he advertises as a website designer and I inquired about some site ideas I had. He told me he would do one for free, I insisted on paying him, but in the end, he came up with a story that he had been diagnosed w a brain tumor and couldn’t do it. I felt so bad, I told him don’t worry,   Two days later, he wrote back it turned out to only be a cyst and now he could do it.

I immediately recognized that as bs. You can’t be diagnosed 1st with a brain tumor then it magically turns into a cyst. But I didn’t confront him, just told him get better, I’d find another way. Soon after he was kicked off Twitter claiming it was “big businesses” that had pressured Twitter to kick him off, even though several others were tweeting against ALEC corps, somehow he was singled out!.Knew that was BS too, but didn’t say anything.  He came back as LGBTliberal & a bio that said he/she was the “T” in LGBT. Having deep respect for a person’s privacy I didn’t ask at first what that meant. The Trayvon site was gone, but I still helped him with the ALEC & STOPRUSH sites, because those were causes I believed in, even though the psychopath mask was becoming evident, I still didn’t think I had anything to fear  He said he didn’t want to be apart of the Trayvon Martin movement anymore because he had problems with the lawyers over his tribute site. I told him I was going forward with my plans to hold a meeting about all the cases, including Anna Brown, Marissa Alexander, etc. He told me it was a waste of time, he also continued to complain about me talking to his “enemies”.

Funny things started happening to my computer right before that meeting, and people I work with began accusing me of having let a hacker infiltrate our system. I brushed  it off, but was banished right before the meeting from using company software. My “Constructing an Org to Address  Racially Biased Killings and Prosecutions” had to be switched at the last minute to a new online meeting site. I sent out invitations & soon after cancellation invitation went out. I did this several times, then figured it must be the site. NOPE I HAD BEEN HACKED WITH A TROJAN/KEY-LOGGER  THAT WAS ACCESSING MY COMPUTER, DOING THIS.

I didn’t know that for sure until the next week when Graham Murphy, now furious with me over disagreeing with him about Cory Booker, befriending his enemies, etc,  Tweeted out a screenshot from a networked computer purporting to me my login and email address but was really a co-worker’s. He also infiltrated  emails belonging to me & others, deleting& posting things from different accts. We exchanged nasty emails, which of course he denied being the one, but he forgot he told me he had done this to his “stalker” already.

Once the computers were unnetworked and cleaned & he couldn’t access them anymore, he began to blog about me here , except some of the content included other people’s information and out right lies. I was going to ignore it, but it effects other people, plus since I didn’t exchange hard drives like my co workers, he has hacked me again!! He also started a group called “#Grahams Gang” on Twitter this weekend, encouraging people to unfollow me because I am anti_LGBT (apparently if you don’t like Graham, you hate all LGBT), with multiple accts all coming from his IP address, which were shut down within hours.

Are u ready to bang your head against a wall? I am! I have most emails/correspondence backed up on USB & was going to post them here to negate what’s on his phony “America hates bullies” site, but 1) I don’t feel like it, in fact I will be hospitalized this week, part of the reason I wanted to defend myself to some degree here, 2) Any1 who reads my twitter feed will know what he has on that site under Tess, (Theresa Powell) is fake or should know it. If anyone wants me to address a specific accusation just leave it in the comments and I’ll pull up the documentation.

The Number 1 lie he posted on “America hates Bullies” is that I spammed him with invites to the “Trayvon Constructing an Org….” Meeting. The reality is Graham Murphy was the person who hacked the acct cancelled the meetings, causing me to resend invites, then he turns around and says I was spamming. It looks real, but the only reason I kept rescheduling was because I didn’t know he was the one inside my computer doing the cancelling. This is what psychopaths do. Play innocent sweet victim, reel you in, then try to control u. If control fails, they can’t just walk away, they have to try to destroy you. Lie #2, He accuses me of knowing his gender. His bio said I’m the “T” in LGBT, I did not see the picture he lies was clearly posted on his site, because the Trayvon site didn’t have his pic on it. After we argued he sent me unsolicited pics of him as a white woman and a black man via email? How the hell am I suppose to figure out which side of the T he was on?

Now yesterday he was DEMHARD2012 & a bunch of other acct dubbed #grahams gang that got suspended. Who knows who he is today? Just be warned.

I will not be destroyed nor I will not keep it to myself.  I have worked professional as an advocate, I am in training to become a disability rights advocate, if ADA survives the election and truly despise being painted as anti-LGBT. When I get out of the hospital and get a new computer (Yes Graham, I know u still keylog this one) I will move forward with the Org aimed at Racially Motivated Killings & Prosecutions, supporting Obama 2012 and marriage equality as I always have.

For independent verification of Graham Murphy’s character and MO please visit :


It isn’t my site but I co sign and will help spread this message, because this guy is dangerous, you can’t disagree with him w/o incurring his wrath.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and except for specific questions I’m done with Graham Murphy and any of his trolls!

Now leave this garbage in the trash. Real work needs to be done!


Theresa Powell